1. Damn, Jay face look like the color of the “pink wall”, and him hands and feet black like coal. :ngakak am tired of seeing apple in them onese. It’s so played out.

  2. I have a few things to point out

    Girl in blonde hair a mi next door neighbour basically nordisha u don’t see suwayne is a batty Man U still with him? That nigga gave my friend an STI bitches do anything for red bottoms I see

    Jay icon why is a battyman GQ DWIGHT to be e act giving u a champagne shower??????

    Apple u stay bad only ur face look good

    Where was Kerryann I like seeing her is she locked up


    Angela u look real tired stay home if once

    Twinny u ugly nuh puss foot ntn can ever change that

  3. Morning, Met. Me a beg you to save the picture of the lonely shoe because it will serve as an iconic symbol (pun much intended)in a little while.

    Poor party goers :ngakak

    1. The African in him fighting that bleach as best as it can. Me want know why him love dress like a colonial doorman, or carriage driver.

    2. Excuse me…last time we discovered that he was wearing some black socks…cause that was the only explanation we could come up wid.

  4. TWINNY LOOK GOOD WOW I skipped pass her pic and had to double back look how elegant and classy shi look wid clothes on

  5. Pic 2 looks nice. Twinny needs to keep the simply look, makes her appear a likkle decent like she have sense, Apple hair, body & face look good. Robbas surpass her wid dressing now. Blonde wig, white dress looks cute. Jay Icon face looks like when yuh bun up yuh skin pon stove and it a heal back, pink, scabby & spotty. Purple wig, yellow dress can pass. Old woman dress is nice. :malus

  6. Met it is understandable that u insist on blocking out Princess Apple’s sexy goodies.However can’t u just inbox us the unedited version??i assure u that i’m speaking on Behalf of ALL pinkwall males n a few women so free her up plzzzz!

    Met run the pics asap plzzz,me need a new screensaver of Apple,my ppl will overstand if me rest fi her pic a likkle.

  7. Apple guh tek 99 seat and di one fi mek a 100 just drop and bruk u dam foot, a who tell u seh u look good, dutty Christine ugly, and u daughter in her nightie, I want light it a fire, she is fashion disgrace, I wonder what this gal thinking, mad as shad, u must be drinking piss, if u think u was making a grand entrance, u fava the 99 Cruella Devil, Bellevue a weh u deh, the patient Apple from ward 3 escape 911 come quick :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :batabig

  8. Hmmm imma give out some compliment sandwiches…what’s that?A compliment sandwich is when u start with something nice then u add something not so nice but u end with something nice.

    The near perfect trifecta consists of that lady in purple(wow!),the next lady in white(below her) n next that amazing chick in black.Decent stable/harem that enuh I swear!

    Twinny ur Dress n figure a sey A1+…however I’ve never seen a more oily/oldish face..are u using Oil of Olay n not getting the full benefits?
    Princess Apple mi nuh like the vibes me getting from that hot chick in black with Jicon! Even if she a him her cuz mi nah feel her energy as hot as she is.Lady..yes u same one..yea yuh..u nuh fraid wasps n bees sting yuh?

    Who is that girl in the blonde n whitish dress?Is that Tashine??Oh my dayz,ooman u can get All of IT!!

    1. Tashine have on the purple hair and yellow dress with the beige bag and shoes. I believe the tattoo on her arm says “Tashine” you know, just in case she forgets who she is…

  9. Lady in the purple dress and the one with the blonde hair and white dress look really nice. Is that Apple granny with the short cut and tall flower power maxi dress??

    Apple and her hubby fit the part for dancehall aka fashion show..they would win the award for best dance hall couple for sure.

  10. Yup Anon Flippa dejavu fi real. Apple looked great so did her husband….everybody looked great! So concerned about the waste of money dough.. Lawd and look how much people hungry. All the best to them! Btw no daffy n wife? Or kerryann? Mmmhhh

  11. Girl in the white dress and blonde hair looks damn good. A suh wife must look…Classy and pretty with a bit of sexiness. Apple looks like she is just coming from work at the strip club and she tired, hungry and bored out of her mind.

    As for Icon, he has no respect for his wife. He doesn’t value her, that is why he as a man could actually walk out the house with her naked to the public eyes. The bible say as man should take his wife, wash her, cleanse her and present her holy. They both need a beaten.

  12. Apple put on some clothes them can’t just deport her cause she always naked my god man

    What clothes do you ? Just like you’ll afraid to work you you’ll afraid to cover up this is nuts

  13. I can’t stand GQ for a gay man his in everything for real, is he working a job now or is he still being taking care of by that company who help out people in need, hmmm I wonder! Jicon please stop bleach because your using the wrong lotion or the lotion is not strong enough because no way you should be looking two different shades, why did it take for your wife Apple and not for you, please use the same brand! Apple I guess she I have my body done and I’m going to flaunt it as long as I can because she will get old one day… Her boots were interesting, you never know what your going to get with har as far as outfit wise… And I didn’t see her bestie Kerryann is she in jail for assault??? Twinny did look decent though seriously she looked nice.

  14. Suwayne’s wifey you should be ashamed. Your “wife” is a realllll battyman with them Africans. He knows what he does behind your back. Opal whom ever is doing your makeup KEEP THEM. This is the first in years you look like a human instead of an alien. Jaydon you should really bring your prideful self back to Kerryels. That’s when your party does best. Apple you could be decent only if you didn’t ruin your body. It’s just a little too much dear. Also next time you go buy a Hermes from the Africans just tell them to add more super glue to the two front buckets and add on a SILK scarf not short shiffon material. Also keep your scarecrow mumma out of your mans party. She’s the real reason why the party didn’t pop. She is really uglllyyyy. I mean from the top of your mums head to her foot bottom don’t look nice. Next year bring the party back to Queens to save the embarrassment. Because this year and last year unnu take 2Ls

  15. Stacey please STAY HOME! U keep ur flop party an a comeback again bout All blk u sick stomach dancehall is not fi u stop try follow Melissa Staybad Lavish ways an go look ah job u walk an sleep down di ole a Bronx n Brooklyn u don’t live no were an u inna party every nite. U son need u stop keep dem empty dance u keeping an go look a place for u an him fi sleep
    U maga and dry up like cause u out every day n Nite a look hype u waan sleep a bed and healthy pot of food fi eat
    An leave dancehall life alone. It don’t fit u!!!! Let me be the real fren u nuh haf an tell u straight up
    P.S. Give Melissa Gucci shoes a break now! U were dem out di whole summer now a winter cho

  16. Isn’t apple suppose to be in the hospital somewhere with those broken legs and lingerie????
    Apple you are so predictable and we are predicting u and ur hubby 25 years without parole now

    1. One of them have a secret shop on the coliseum block. You can find him at a lot of dancehall parties. You’d never guess he was African because he’s always around Jamaicans

  17. Mi nah laffff ….. “Apple!!!! the people dem want the African link yuh deaf!!! ” …. Snap it deh fi di I and the rest a peeps please ..

    Boy if tha party yah empty one more time. Pink icon can ask fi a refund.

    Mi granny tell I’m sey nuh laugh at others ‘misfortunes’ but this funnnaayyyyy…

  18. Opal aka Twinny u can pass in ur Balmain dress! U and Bobbette share di same link wen it comes to wearing Balmain tings.
    Apple own look like it deh Pon time out! Dats why she wear dem f***y

  19. Me have a friend who buy from the African a New York to she and teniesha a friend I will inbox Met the number but I would meet with him first make sure it officially but him have everything I don’t think it fake cause it look 100 to me nah lie

  20. Apple bag is a rental the white one its not fake her friend told me she rent it with Jay card and that they buy and return the real expensive stuff that they can’t repeat . But the Hermes white real but rental the African come from Nigeria but it’s not his link he works with some gay guys in Ohio and Atlanta

  21. Next thing they don’t sell to everybody my friend say it’s very secret so you have to get a link to a link when I buy my bag it was like secret mission

  22. Apple, KerryAnn done chat yuh Sey a pure fake stuff yuh buy. Why on God’s earth you would buy 2 of the same shoes and 2 dam black out fit ? Apple yuh look like the go go dancers them at girls girls night club in a jamaica. Apple yuh fail again. Apple how yuh a walk with Hermes number 2 bag and yuh nuh buy a new bed and mattress ??????yuh change bag and clothes and booth so often and claim to spend thousands of dollars on them but yet still yuh have yuh plastic bed and mattress before yuh meet jaydon over 10years now. and yuh still can’t change KerryAnn a done yuh. She talk how yuh nuh stop bribe the little gal them Wey par with yuh 1 a them is licki licki wannabe Christine stone love baby mother mrs dice pineapple fi Meck u and jaydon suck them p..y and f..k them and tell them how jaydon have money and yet still jaydon still a walk and a f..k next woman and have yuh up fi hours nuff night a call down him phone and him nah answer and yuh nuh stop call and bawl to KerryAnn . She Sey yuh a walk a talk like yuh have money and you don’t. Apple stop tell people lie bout yuh a pay $ 2900 pon rent and u dam well know a $1800 a month yuh pay. Bitch apple yuh Suh rich and cannot buy a house and look how long yuh dey america u and yuh husband jaydon a popishow. Neither u nor jaydon don’t own no house america nor in Jamaica. Uno a jaydon soon gone to the next gal and left yuh a drive down the entire Bronx hotel and motels and a bawl fi hours .a KerryAnn yuh bestie cal and talk yuh u really move with that old shaky,,bed and them old plastic furnitures and yuh claim sey yuh buy Versace plates fi $2800 .lol .apple come talk apple because mi nuh believe KerryAnn.

  23. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Best dress goes to Opal follow by the pic right beneath girl in white,grey nd cream even her make-up a shot

  24. Yes met look pon goody inna di black and gold dress next to jay icon yea yea ah so gal fi look good and cover up classy not trashy watch out somebody is here to give u ah run fi ur money icon and goody look goody together

  25. Apple mother ugly tpc ! Apple get a all a di prettiness ! Jay Icon need fi stop bleach lol u nuh see it nah work fi u?

  26. Anonymous
    Not one to tell anyone what to wear or how to dress but, Apple you really don’t look good and you should have known that. You should have taken a good look at yourself in the mirror before you left your house looking like that. You should asked yourself how did your so called husband allowed you to wear what you wore to his extravaganza. SMFH You are trying too hard to out do others and you are missing the mark to often. I assure you that you are no fashionista and really don’t know how to dress, because if you did you should have been the best dress at your husband’s party and not the worst. My question to you though is, if you are so rich and can afford to purchase 3 and 4 $10.000 – $25.000+ Hermes bags of all colors, backed up by many many costly Chanel and Celine bags and a host of Tom Ford, Gucci and DSquared shoes that the average person cannot afford, why didn’t you purchase a real outfit to compliment your husband’s top designer suits? In all fairness he always looks better than you at every event. I seriously think he is sabotaging you(LOL), cause he shouldn’t allow you to look like a cheap whore at his event. BTW what do you wear when you go to bed with your husband? This is no hate, I just had high hopes for you and I am expressing my disappointment. Twinny you look real nice and classy.

  27. Nadisha yuh nice & clean nuh f**k clothes and makeup on point an mi bro Suwayne woman to yuh ting tell bad mind fi go suck them mada

  28. Jay icon have on stocking must cause from me born lol Ball head get clothes cause him always stay bad what happen to the gal Whay did a breed for him. Tinny look nice who like Angela frock lol So wail KERRYANN and Shushanna never theif no clothes for this zoo dance lol

  29. Jay allows apple to dress like a whore because he is a battymon whore himself and secretly wants to dress just like her. Apple is a long time retired whore who always dressed like a slut nothing new any mon with more money then jay can take apple from jay.

  30. All this while me think flippa was an idiot but them beat him to backside… Never been I seen this yet *rosie voice* ppl bathe them shoes in champagne.. We really living the last days cuz this a afi be one of the signs…

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