I would like to know why hasn’t any of her good friends told her to 1. Keep her mouth closed. Or 2. Go buy braces. Her mouth is disgusting. Every time she open HAR mouth mi wan VOMIT. Ney it don’t look good. At lest she never do fi HAR batty. But she still ugly with no shape. C’mon Ney ur friends don’t push you to do betta? All the money dem have, they couldn’t loan you anything to reconstruct your mouth . Ney your bottom and top teeth are spread to far out. Anybody that kisses you wit dem tongue is automatically turned off

6 thoughts on “THE KISSER TALKING

  1. A di bredda dis weh skets mash up????… Him mout nasty fi real n luv gi trouble him soon get tump inna it

  2. Her teeth may fava smaddy out di vikings era, but her belly foot jeans is on trend. It’s a draw fi me.

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