(This is shorty from the DMV area)


shorty di way how u been ah come ah road was bad but now it get worse.. ur bandaid girdle weh uah wrap roun u naah wrk u need fi get a bigger size. u can see di bone dem a scream fi jump out pon u. u look like free will sista. bwoy fi smdy weh luv chat ppl mi deh ya ah wanda if ur fren much less ur man mek u look inna mirror before u left di yaad.. u look like a mini ghostbuster. how uah hot gyal a dmv and u never have ah decent hairstyle yet.. u need fi go rest fi a young gyal ur body wash up badd.all gully bop ah gi u a run fi ur face. dem seh when u breast feed u will loose weight wow in ur case u gain muma hush.. mi see one pic it look like smdy dash lil flour or paint pon ur face. god bless ur husband fi lay dung next to u, him ave strong stomach.

5 thoughts on “THE LADY DRESS OK

  1. Senda do you have a husband? I bet you dont. Go ask the lady for some tips so you can get a husband to lay next to you at night.

  2. SHORTY WEH U CRACK HEAD BABY FADA DEH AND DI one name TC weh use to hide a bush and deny seh him even mek u suck him H@@d.. any man weh ah deny hood suckings from u it gone to di dawg.. Anonymous u ave man or husband move ur rhass uah mussy shorty mascot..ah wah do u.. shorty wash up like di machine dem out ah langley park.. she still stuck pon one cycle.. carol gi u a nice beaten weh day but mi waah noh if u still pregnant or di 2nd baby nuh drop yet.. u ugly badd nuh bloodclat look like ur mada and ur obea oil naah wrk to rhass.. di ppl dem inna cemetry look betta dan u. wake up shorty duuh mi beg.. u caah mek suzette gi u a better hair style.. mi naah lol u still a wear synthetic..haha u sitting waayy in di back of di bus.. ..

  3. tru word. First of all I was wondering if you have a man / husbond. cuz it seems as if your very lonely and no one loves you so please go somewhere in the world and find you a man. You sound very very jealous that she has a man and you don’t have one. and for your information she’s not ugly you sound so young .sucking dick is not a crime . I guess if you had a man you would know that. You sound like a bad minded friends that she dropped a long time ago…

  4. Suck hood gal leave shortie alone, you all pinkwall bad gal show up ur self who u really are. Yes she marry so what yes she fat so what clothes in a store fi her. No gal in the dmv no beAt my friend. She have her 5 bedroom house,car and kids in good school, and a good job tek a page out her book.suck pussy gal. Her baby father and you use to take crack together member that since u no all.get a life bitchesss

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