1. @the streets….the thing is if a my fiance she a talk, I know of her n mi know all weh gwaan, it was a fuck n dump situation, we weren’t together at the time, doing out own thing, but the messages between them he always stated, she was a space keeper until I came back n she always a say oh how she love him n he told her straight up I love my girl, try u luck tho momma lol

  2. @saikaimomma so he’s talking to you about her and to her about you. You really want stay in that?

  3. This happened a year ago, while I was still pregnant and when we got back together he told me everything, she has no access to him, why she decide to use social media, smh.

  4. Was waiting on u to comment @saikaimomma, its just a matter of time before I get back his contact #, we had something special and even tho him tell mi him nah lef u fi nobody mi know if him know mi a look fi him he will come.

  5. @saikaimomma this nuh don’t safe at all. You said it happened a year ago while you were pregnant then you said you were not together and both doing your thing….him chat she with you and you with her..reevaluate your situation bout fiance

  6. Sakai momma, you know your relationship. Obviously she had to write on here to get his attention or yours meaning he isn’t disrespecting you. The person stated that since you all got back together she hadn’t seen him. Dont
    let this girl come start nothing in your home. You feel like your thing is solid then it must be, cause all in the comments she deh pan…” wait til I get his contact” sounds desperate to me.

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