The Man Who Created Aids : ‘Robert Gallo’ By DNA | December 27, 2013 24 Comments
In April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo filed a United States patent application for his invention, the HIV/AIDS Virus. Normally, when a patent is filed and approved, as Dr. Gallo’s was, anyone who uses the product or invention owes a royalty payment to the inventor. Thus, holding the intellectual property laws to their fullest interpretations, one must only wonder why Dr. Gallo has yet to file a lawsuit seeking to recover damages from the usage of his invention? As odd as this scenario may sound, it bears need for additional scrutiny.
The scientific evidence is complete and compelling, the AIDS Virus is a designer bi-product of the U.S. Special Virus program. The Special Virus program was a federal virus development program that persisted in the United States from 1962 until 1978. The U.S. Special Virus was then added as ‘compliment’ to vaccine inoculations in Africa and Manhattan. Shortly thereafter the world was overwhelmed with mass infections of a human retrovirus that differed from any known human disease, it was highly contagious and more importantly, it could kill.
A review of the Special Virus Flow Chart (“research logic”) reveals the United States was seeking a ‘virus particle’ that would negatively impact the defense mechanisms of the immune system. The program sought to modify the genome of the virus particle in which to splice in an animal “wasting disease” called “Visna”.
According to the Proceedings of the United States of America, AIDS is an evolutionary, laboratory development of the peculiar Visna Virus, first detected in Icelandic sheep. Recently, American and world scientists confirm with 100% certainty the laboratory genesis of AIDS. This fact is further underscored when one reviews the ‘multiply-spliced’ nature of the HIV ‘tat’ gene and Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper, “Reverse Transcriptase of Type-C virus Particles of Human Origin”.
Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper is identical to his 1984 announcement of AIDS. Upon further review the record reveals that he filed his patent on AIDS, before he made the announcement with Secretary Heckler. Earlier this year, Dr. Gallo conceded his role as a ‘Project Officer’ for the federal virus development program, the Special Virus.
The Flow Chart of the program and the 15 progress reports are irrefutable evidence of the United States’ secret plan to cull world populations via the unleashing of a stealth biological microorganism that would ‘waste’ humanity. In light of this true genesis of the world’s most divesting biological scourge, it is the United States that owes ‘royal’ payments to the innocent victims. Each and every victim of AIDS is deserving of a formal apology and a sense of economic closure for an invention of death and despair, perpetrated by the United States.
The eyes of the world are upon the General Accounting Office’s Health Care Team, under the direction of William J. Scanlon. Between 1964 and 1978, the secret federal virus program spent $550 million dollars of taxpayer money to invent AIDS. It is now necessary to spend whatever it takes to dismantle an invention that has led to the greatest crime against humanity in the history of the world.

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  1. What wickedness, America owe the world, the amount of people that died from this decease and so much ppl living with it, America, if it is true can’t pay them, so that’s their way of killing out the black race.

    1. There is no amount of money that can pay for the damage aids has done to humanity. What must be done is to ensure that the evil doers who do things like this NEVER get the chance to do it again. Here we go talking about MONEY. Its not just AIDS that was invented, there is also LYME disease that was made by Monsanto they also make the genetically modified foods that is being imported in the Caribbean Jamaica included. Why is Jamaica importing US $997.5 million dollars worth of food from the US every year? You won’t know the effects of that for years. When we find out what we gonna do? Ask for money again? Listen the solution to this is DEEPER THAN JUST MONEY. We have to stop the EVIL people who are running this world and these companies, so stop this chat bout money. Money is a start but it is just a small step in the scheme of things. I do agree with you though just wanted to add this to your comment Peace.

  2. It isn’t news that this is a man made disease. It’s just no one has spoken about it to this extent before. I believe it was created as a weapon of war.
    I don’t believe it was created to wipe out the black race. As stated…it is the most brutal crime against HUMANITY!

  3. What’s even more strange is the fact that hiv test are questionable as to how they come up with the results…you would think the same test and guidelines are used by every country…each country have there own rules of how to diagnose a person…therefore you can test positive in Africa….and test negative in America….go to Australia and test positive again then a next country and test negative. What a ting when your results depend on what country you got tested in.

  4. Yes Met. There was a documentary on On Demand that there’s no real prove the Aids even exist because the test result is different depend on where you take the test. And also in the late 80s and early 90s it was the medication that was killing ppl not the virus because it’s medication ate away the body fat etc.

  5. @Met, ive heard this before but coughed it up to conspiracy theory…Biological weapon fi wipe out anybadie at all anuh juss black people…Now this brings me back to the 2 men in Germany that have a rear genetic make up only found in a small group of pple in germany, who’s bodies develop immunity to the virus after a stem-cell transplant( i think it was).. Both men were gay and they developed immunity after tx and now HIV cannot be detected in their blood stream. .. Thus adding to my suspicion, HIV WAS CREATED BY HUMANS FOR BIOLOGICAL WARFARE…GOD HELP US..

  6. u c d wickedness a manknd….but mi always hear she is manmade disease made,to wipe out d black race………….oh god will judge

  7. There’s a special place for people like gallo. HIV/AIDS is real and the guinea pigs were the male, gay community of San Francisco. They didn’t take into consideration that they were also bisexual and heroine users.
    I don’t support the black race destroyer argument because it didn’t start off in African nations and black communities in the Americas. Ebola is what’s associated with blacks. If black men weren’t playing hide and seek blacks wouldn’t have fallen victim to this synthetic disease in such large numbers.

  8. I’ve always knew something about this virus was wrong! And I firmly believe that Magic Johnson is not infected. But was a face to a name. Meaning; if Magic Johnson can get it why not you. I also feel that this virus was invented to target black people just like syphillis. It may sound bizarre but what is normal in this country? This is literately hell on earth. USA is a secondary Babylonian country and when Father God strike them, them ago see who dem serve.

  9. Met when I first found out that the results depend on where u live I was in shock! That made me research even more about this so called HIV/Aids….There is a documentary called “House of Numbers” if you want to learn more about how they come up with the actual statistics and it explains the battle back and forth between scientist that’s been going on for years behind closed doors.

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