Hi Met n’ Metters:
Now people dis girl name is Shaunte. All she do is walk and fight ova man every minute she and har friend dem. She love walk round in a the dancehall and try f**k wid people she doesn’t like and give them screw face like that suppose to put fear in a people heart. This good for nothing scare crow ways involve in a mixup and love dash word pon people in a video light but careful my girl. You might very well write a check your a*s won’t be able to cash next time. Don’t trouble trouble unless you want the real deal. Guh build my girl cause a chuck you a try chuck badness and you nuh si badness yet. Some a unu fi tek heed and caution and stop try chubble people weh naah chubble unu nor nuh fraid a unu nor nuh give a f**k bout who unu be. Fire deh a mus mus tail dem think a cool breeze ya LOL!


  1. Shaunte u have been warned putus so when dem beat u like u stole something from dem don’t say nuttin

    And “fight ova man ” ……..In a 2014 …who does that ???

  2. She gonna get her ass beat can never find her own man with her man looking ass go buy some clothes with ur 10 year old body. … ur frens cant help u now bitch..

  3. she went to a big people event couple months ago and she and her sista and fren dem buss big fight ova man and mash up the people dem good nice party. people like you should be under curfew watch or get chaperoned to certain events so you don’t continue to cause trouble. full time you stop the foolishness now.

  4. What scarecrow? She look good!!! You all need to go sit down with ur bad minded pop down selves. None of you all can show your selves to her with these worthless words…lol instead hide behind a wall…GET A LIFE OR 2.

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