0 thoughts on “THE NEXT GENERATION

  1. So met is which one dem name batman?? The one inna blue always a sell fi har batty an proud of it so trina how much yuh ass cost how much lick.out batty cost

  2. yeap dem a try mess up God count. awwwhhh bwoy . 5 boys and 5 girls born on a specific day in 1985 and today in 2015 God doing the count and its coming up as 3 men and 7 women. GOD TAKE THE WHEEL.

  3. Morning met!! one thing i love about SHANE AKA KENNETH,him nuh cross dress like the rest a dem! KENNETH IS A REALLY CUTE BATTY BOY ALWAYS CLEAN A DAT A MAD UGLY MACEY!

  4. Leave di likkle bwoy dem alone mek dem live dem life the way they want to live. Just as how dem a try mess up God count according to you @asha mopar. Is the same way you prob did mess up God rule when yuh did a tek or give f**k before yuh did married. If your even married. Gweh a leave people mek God judge dem.

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