Hello sir/madam

I have enclosed a letter about the Nigerian and Caribbean division that exists within the UK.

I feel that the negative comments from the Nigerians about the Caribbean people is shocking.

My Caribbean people need to know about.

Nigerian and Caribbean Division
Friday 1st July 2016
Hello sir/madam
I would like to bring to an issue to your attention which is the Nigerian and Caribbean Division that exists within the UK.
On there was a video by Big Narstie Versus the Nigerian comedian Adot. It was about Jamaicans versus Nigerians Hood debate during 2013 while backstage at the Buck Wild UK Comedy Show and below that video Nigerians and Caribbeans were leaving horrible comments about each other.
There was a Nigerian Guy named Babajide BiggNigga and he left such a nasty comment he said “you think I will care about English?? I am a proud African Nigerian man and Yoruba is my first language but you will care about speaking English since the white men are your slave masters and taught you as slaves how to speak English. Go and research about your ancestors so you can track down who your father is”. I think he needs to be told about that by contacting him on and you can also get him on since he has an account with them. I just don’t think I will be able to contact him myself because he will insult me.
There was another nasty comment by a person called exclusivestuff . He said “At least Africans know their REAL surnames, Jamaicans run around not knowing their real surnames, they don’t have a real surname. How can a nigga have a surname like Smith or Reid. It looks dumb, Jamaican slave niggers”.
There was a comment from a person named Dino Green and said “I am a Nigerian American that has lived in Jamaica for a year. Jamaicans love their country but I have yet to see a Jamaican that doesn’t know they are African. You are crazy and uneducated. I don’t know which Jamaicans you have met but you couldn’t tell Jamaicans they don’t have African roots. Some of them might even kill you if you said that. Jamaican Patois has so many West African words in it and yet has a striking resemblance to West African Pidgin English. Why because they are the same people. If Jamaicans are not West African then why all these facts. It’s sad. It’s a shame”.

I can agree with what she is saying but there are some Jamaicans and people from other Caribbean islands that explore their African roots. Some are Pan-Africanists. They have a liking of the African culture. For e.g. they wear the African clothes and get some strange looks from African/Nigerian people because they see the Caribbeans as not pure black or not african enough. It is like Africans/Nigerians discourage Caribbeans from exploring their African roots. They don’t receive us with open arms. I will also say that a lot of the African countries have their own Reggae and Dancehall Music yet the Jamaican People don’t say anything to them about it. I am trying to say that Africans imitate Jamaican Music which I am okay with but they hate it when a Caribbean is wearing their clothing.
There is a video on which is a Freestyle patois Interview with Cynthia Morgan live on Reggae Jamz Music Africa and Cynthia Morgan is a Nigerian who was chatting in Jamaican Patois. That video can be watched if the Caribbeans are interested.
On I saw a comment by a Caribbean person saying that they met a Nigerian and they got called a slave baby and was treated lower than the Nigerian because of Caribbean people losing their African identity. Also on that site a Caribbean woman came across a post that said Caribbeans are Tribeless Half Breeds with no culture. She also said that when she was in London that the Nigerian women were giving her dirty looks.
What I would like to know is why Nigerian Women show Caribbean women a lot of hate on the streets and at other places?
The Caribbean people paved the way for the Nigerians to come to the UK and they pay us back with hatred. How cruel is that. Also they are horrible to Caribbean people in the workplace. If a Caribbean worked for a Nigerian boss they would cause problems.
When I read those comments I was hurt and shocked by them. Nigerians must stop calling us slave babies. It is wrong. What they must realise is that they sold the Caribbeans to the slave masters and then they are saying those things which seems strange to me.
I just feel it would be a good idea if the Nigerian and Caribbean People got employed separately. Maybe even attending separate colleges and universities. I am saying this to avoid the conflicts and racial comments from Nigerians.
The racism from Nigerians is unbelievable. To me Nigerians disrespect and show racism to Caribbeans which is similar to what the white people will do.
There are other videos on which are:
1.Comedy Warehouse Africa Vs West Indies 2.Wahala Comedy Clash 3.Africa Vs West Indies World Comedy Clash 2014-Stage Battle 4.Jamaica Versus Africa Dance Off
Nigerian/African Vs Caribbean videos are not good. They are causing more conflict and division. It is not needed since Caribbeans have a different culture from Africans. I think the videos should be Nigeria versus another African country.
I must say that Nigerians are enemies to the Caribbean people.This division that we have may cause us to start stabbing or shooting each other if things don’t improve between us.
It would be a good idea for the Caribbean people in the UK to discuss this subject and post their comments on social sites such as facebook, twitter etc or they can create a video on expressing their comments. Also there is a site called Comments can be left below that site. She also has a facebook page.
The reason for this letter is to let the Caribbean community know about these racist comments. As a people we must let the Nigerian Community know about this issue as it is important.
I would be glad to see the day when we become one people.


  1. If Nigerians hate Ghanaians who are their neighbours with African surnames and who speak an African language, why would they care for us? This is one of those I ain’t got no time to waste on this bullshit situation. Further, Nigerians have gripes even with themselves and their tribalism, so if they are divided from within, they are going to be divided with every other group of people. Ain’t nobody got time to fight with ppl who can’t even unify amongst themselves.

  2. Mi hate them even more, yes mi a Akata as they call us throw away people. Thank you for throwing me away cause I would never want to be a part of that culture, especially as a woman. Them can keep their ignorant, backward, hateful culture. They are some hateful wicked set of people. I’m 100% proud Akata! Yeah straight from where else I’d rather be from. Middle finger to who nuh like it

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