1. Happy easter met and metters .god bless yuh met and keep up the good work. I not laughing the buoy dem is been haunted my the peoples they killed ,loll yuh see how much paranormal experience dem got woiee all duppy a drag him off bed

  2. So ii take it poor lizard was in that ajoi ing room bound and gagged waiting to be slaughtered by so much of them…woe be onto them an dem gineration it bun me so till ..awonder how much a de murderer dem dead out the lot…….unu see how kartel a mock god bout …after the buoy say mark still inna church is wey all fe dem parents dey .all fe dembuoy ya childrens soaked in blood

  3. Den nuh deformed face Rodrick dat pon di bed. Him dead worsa dan dawg, Metty did have up him pic dem. Him inna misery in hell ya now

  4. Mad suss look timid round man weh really kill people.
    Dat bwoy deh pussy dis a di man weh cry ina court room when guilty.

    Kartel ask him a question and di man lost him mout.

    Nah condone di f**kery at least Rodderick stay true right to di end when police lick him dung.

  5. What a bunch of evil, illiterate, IGGLERZ – Big men sitting in a room hyping and chatting shit to dem one anedda and giving each other encouragement & ratings – HOW F**KING SAD!

  6. The police manipulated that video, it was spliced, that is not kartel, frame dem a try frame him, he’s a good person that went to Sunday school, they use to call us grill up because we were always locked up inside our house……pick your choice.

      1. The BTK killer was a active member of his church for 30 years, Cub Scout leader and all these things. Wha Sunday school and grill up haffi do wid dis?

  7. Suss nuh looklike “bad man” him seem like a bad company get him whe him deh. He was in ova him head

  8. Gm all. Dutty Kartel tek di ppl dem kids have sex with them in them bottom torcha them dont give them food on a regular or clothes and he gets to do all of this because of wants, none of dem is not nuh badman dem was jus there to fulfil Kartel sick fantasy!!!

    1. A Clans man??? YU can tell seh fi him life mek him tan so ………..him not even nda stan weh him a seh……..it look like di man dem weh him did kill a haunt him

  9. The one name rajoor or whatever, him look like him kill nuff people. Met in the bbm messages between kartel and the next person this rajoor name was mentioned. Can’t remember what was said though. Could u copy and paste it if you respond to this please.

  10. raj is problem child….and how badman weh kill ppl aguh call pon God and guh back to business as usual….dem demented or wah???

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