1. “So make mi tell u bout liqour, one man to mi liquor, nuh run eeen pon mi liquor, glass a fi woman but the bokkle a fi flippa”

  2. Metty mi seh a big woman from philly cussing a next big woman over her man and she say the woman friend Marsha and tek flappa lol you need to watch it funny bad

    1. “A me hype me self, no bowi no hype me”, that good. so, him can’t blame no body fi him circumstance! lol

        1. She was logged in but I saw her late .I was busy taking care of some things on the site and never saw when she commented at first but knowing belly she will pass through today

  3. Has been an absence marked with progress…..heading off to mi (imaginary) work now 😀 …. see unno later upon my return home :ngacir:

    1. Belly !!!!!!!!!!
      When we getting a new chapter on Confessions ?
      Shit u owe us a few chapters well lol.
      Been gone too long mama

  4. People if him like the lifestyle on in jail right now why uno make it bother you him take the risk on paying the price for it him choose to what him did on get rich out of it a better if him or somebody else did say them ago take up anyone of uno for them woman non of uno not saying no because every woman like money on money especially. Jamaican woman uno pray for people down fall too much

  5. Bwoy mi a tell u…why mi neva know she a flippa sing da song ere…mi mussi neva a pay attention to the words.

  6. Belllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy Bannngggggggggggggggg!!!!!!! (yuh hear how me a scream out yuh name!!) I have one word for you.
    me don talk!
    ps. Welcome back. :cendol

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