Hi Met

Have a new information bout Jiggy Huncks

So the former hot but now flop selector Jiggy Huncks still just a f** down the DMV.

Him married and (Edited) not even have a coat but a offer cocky as form of payment to kotch a gyal yard.

Hear say him and Ever Ready can dress good but face n teeth stay bad Rain deh now. She n di bwoy a f** under quiet fi a while but true the wife Neaky a try mek a come back she get insecure n post n talk up things bout Bae this and Bae that! She claim she a breed or dem have yute but Jiggy nah claim it . Pure Denial Ever Ready Rain seem like a lil mascot too. Look like a long time she a look a man fi own up cause u never post no public picture but now u a try mek a statement fi a man weh cyan offer u nuttin but f**. She sad eeeeeh better she own up da bwoy weh use to beat har

Jiggy Huncks come to America n f**k up him career fi gyal cuz him hood lead him.

Hear say the wife want him back but he still f**k round the EX wife and mi know him and Tweeta still a f**k now n then too.

Him a walk n gi ppl (Edited) EverReady Rain better go check har self and stop hype cuz unuh might end up with (Edited).

Neaky fi stay far from the non ambitious Jiggy cuz him nuh want nuttin but house n money cuz him just walk n f**k n tek gyal tings .


  1. Good Morning Met & Metters,

    The wife needs to live him, what is his purpose inna har life…If the man don’t work and not bringing in anything in the house he needs to leave, no need taking care of no man that doesn’t rate you and is out in the streets parading with another woman! When are these woman going to learn and wise up, WOMAN these men need us not the other way around!!!

    1. The wife is the most insecure person in this world.One thing about those table they always turn .At one point she would post alot of shade toward the other women he use to be with.They have a saying so you get them so you lose them.The wife live in denial . He never want her in the first place all he wanted was his green card when he see it wasn’t happening all the problem started

  2. Good day people

    This sad bad! Jiggy a one talented yute him cyan do better … sad a dat him life come to. Every time him on da page yah him ever breed something weh da pickney dem deh
    Dem woman yah nuh have nuttin to do than waan man. Man short a DMV or something Jiggy cocky must work miracles y him a mad dem suh wife ex wife and gyal and baby mother n probably more weh wi nuh know bout

    Hope him cocky can pay da bills

    Its is nearing 2017 things must change man woman dem fi wise up the girl in da pic must know bout him y would you go there

  3. Oh wow That’s the girl with the messed up teeth who almost cut Omar Levels cocky in the parking lot in Bmore. Oh wow I wonder who Jiggy got pregnant. Please call names

      1. Redz are you serious lol? I would never breed for a guy who sleeps with everyone although Rain is a hoe to. She has 6 kids to take of and Jiggy is apart of the 6 lol. Jiggy can’t help her. I guess when 2 hoes gonna make a baby hoe..

  4. Well people me a mek hunu know Neaky and Jiggy doan deh from shi mace him rass a one cookout. Shi seh she waan har divorce an she a wait pon him har him bag ooman dem fi pay fi it.

    Jiggy come a foreign a mash up him life bad. Him still a sleep wid him Xwife cos she a idiot, him sleep wid Tweeta cos she a idiot to an tief gi him.

    Rain really breed fi Jiggy an him caan even mine him pickney dem a yawd???? Him baby madda nuh ramp fi call foreign an seh she ago call immigration pon him.

    All Rain duh is pick up more crosses inna har life and for you Ms. Talk di tings she sucked Omar levels in a parking lot and Omar Brand beat har fi it.

    1. She fight him bcuz he was there with his woman .The man left her 1 year now and she still can’t leave him alone

    2. Tweets no want him the woman live with her husband she don’t even go out no more .I saw her the other night her short cut fit her so much but she always a screw up her face take aways the beauty from her and she getting too fat

  5. Rain been around from nyc to dmv she f**k tom dick and Harry .jiggy started to wear new clothes and shoes that she buy him, jiggy always a look woman that have there things so he can live offer them sad .

  6. Is it every year Jiggy is on Pink wall with a new woman he can use? All me know is that bwoy cocky a lead him. At the end of the day Jiggy is not legal to help any of these women he is sleeping with. Notice is patterns, he always get a woman with a car and a job, he have to fake he’s in love to find food, shelter, money, clothes and shoes. If I was Rain I would run and I wouldn’t have no young boy around my teen daughter. He might try off of her. Some gal pick up trash and shit and don’t realizes it. All the hype Rain is doing I hope it worth her wild and I hope she knows she ain’t the only one, because him nah leave obese Anne Dionne Palmer for no one and many others.

    1. Why Everytime jiggy go on pinkwall Uno affi call Annie name the woman hear bout jiggy and the woman and all she say was she hope this one treat him better and be real the girl over jiggy them talk at times nutten no wrong with that the have her man weh a teck care a her she move on long time .

      1. It look like a Uno tongue mi a f**k pon meck my pussy a be a problem to Uno if I was f**ng jiggy Uno would know. me and him will always be Fren no matter what so Uno ago stay mad

  7. Neakel u nuh tired fi sen in story bout jiggy? Girl go look a life and stop worry bout who the man waan deh wit, obviously him dont wann yuh, kmt…. so much other f**kin important things inna life fi worry bout and ah him unno a stress ova.. if the girl waan have baby mek har, nuff a unno dash wey belly like ah wah… ah unno ago mind it? No so why da f**k unno care? Go look a f**kin life yo

  8. Mr. Or Ms. Anonymous yes Tweeta have jar husband and Nuh stop F/ck Pon him. Weh u did Deh when she a wine up Pom Jiggy a Prince dance? Don’t swear do dem whoring gal dem. Whether she live a house wid har husband weh gi har green card, she will always fine time to sex har Nicholas. Rain better know Tweeta nah guh no where.

    1. Look like a u open and close her pussy meck you know seh she still a f**k jiggy him talk it a ponosonic dance on the mic seh she left him long time Uno sit a worry bout the wrong thing who a f**k who or who breed from who a dash weh belly

    2. Look like a u open and close my pussy meck u know so much about my pussy .Why u some mad mi wine pon jiggy look like a you him a f**k if you so hurt why you never touch me and don’t wine on him instead you a hide behind a key board a give out my pussy record a wah u lost count a use so u a use my pussy a something u cane buy or borrow so can’t help but if it make you feel good u can gwane use mine but in the long run you living a lie . Keyboard want a life want a want pussy gal next time u see me say hi I want to know u so bad I don’t like talking to gost I hate scarey movie

  9. Unno fi stop know. Jiggy is not either wid Neaky or Annie. Everyone moved on with there lives when they find out Jiggy is not worth it. It’s a new year coming people and he found love from Rain now and they having there baby. All we know 2018 is going to be a new girl, because that’s how Jiggy stay. Not even God can help him, so everyone leave that poor little boy alone. He doesn’t want help or pity from anyone. He said he got this. Merry and happy new year to all.

  10. DMV unu really sad n unhappy . neakeyfreaky or bigbird. unu nuh tired fi send in jiggy man..omg rain get weh she want a man to claim so y is it unu problem.. oh mi figet no man naah claim unu.. sad case or cold case.. seems like dione FB name WORRYTHEM ,,STILL ah hot unu head or really worry unu lol dione mi waah tek lessons from u ,,that FB name is the truth girl u ole good nuh rhass fi still a mek gyal mad ova u. golden medal .. jiggy waah deh wid rain what is it to unu.. at least anoh man di lil boy a run dung. what a way unu a pree him fi noe seh him ave on new gears.. rain did affi try after jiggy cause C4 never want her and i guess she knew omar bran did ave him oman at home. unu need fi mind unu rhass buisness and go find unu own man dam wukless crosses

  11. anytime jiggy up yah oonu always call him name with dion.. di gyal ave him head some typa bad.. yall must have CIA on dione fi know that she was dancing with him. yes she teef or buy clothes fi him whats new.disya news old and stale it caah even recycle when gyal happy gyal get fat oonu fi watch n learn n mi nuh like di bitch eda caah she luv ppl buinszz too much but unu fi come offa her name when it comes to jiggy. mawgah dog neaky look like ur obea oil cudnt keep jiggyinna ur croses pu##y u desparete fi him why u nuh mek him gwaan him ways n sign di divorce paper n go bk to ur depotee bby fada weh u cudnt hold eda. jiggy fi get an oscar caah him mek u skinny nuh fu#k all these yrs we didnt know u could look like hungry belly bout uah wear legging and skirt u look like d fu$$in transvenda dem weh deh a dc a walk up and down lol mi naah lie u stay disgustanly bad along wid madusa birdie. rain teeth can satsify or mouth can hold him cause we noh di ole not gona. neaky jiggy tell me seh u give him di best head of his life tho..hahah cocky mouth neaky him lub how u freaky so.. u need fi use di passport weh u ave and go look fi ur bby fada. look lke di apple nuh fal too far from di tree cause ur mada cudnt hold di young boy tenlard.. unu is a set of faiure hen it comes to man.. gewhh unu stink like. Rain invite mi adi bby shower yah girl

  12. a true every man den get left den and go get baby the mom like better but she send money a mine man a yard too and she send fatta fi go page jiggy the other day mi see him on him crack head babymother she ugly like shit and stay bad neakel you walk and brag bout you get new which uber tek it back from u and u and your two kids sharing one bed room u shoulda be shame sucking dick can’t save you nomore you and jamila fight over kc and kam kam freind guyanese roach a go f**k him your so sad jiggy tell bling seh you hole to big and the only thing you got is some good head every job you get you get fired the security job you get the other day you make jiggy get you fired cause you a watch him on a call out every min big dutty birdie i hope no one go a here dance cause she no stop from watch jiggy and carry back news and nikki stylas and georgette den a laugh offa you bad no bad in dmv like you why?/

  13. dione u naah worry a muma bout worrythem u ned fi go feed u anerexia pickni weh nuh waah ave ntn fi do wid u mi see her at cookout ah act just like her carless mumma.n ur mada waah lil clothes and a roof over her head mi hear seh she live inna zink tenamint yaad weh when rain fall she affi run over her fren yaad n shield di way u teef me wuda expext u fe teef couple blocks n build her a lil yaad , u look like a fat rhass minion or shud i say humpty dumpy granny. u mouth anoh fi u so dem fi dip up under u wid ur man fren weh panasoni nuh waah eda n di next lil ugly one weh look like donkey batty. hoe she ugly so she breed n cudnt manage fi tek care her picni so she saend her go yaad. u adi only one weh decent fi look pon outta ur crew. like onu a fite fi see who win ugliest competion outta DMV.. ur husband fi giu two kick u ever inna fu$in mixup

    1. That all Uno can come up with show who u is let do a face off let met be the judge bcuz I swear to God you can’t walk in a my daughter shoes no day no time my mom can never hungry as long as mi have life key board junkies why Uno always a write stuff on pink wall Uno need Fi comment on the post it self and show Uno man looking face a Barbie mi birth with A+ bloodclatt body Uno bloodclatt Brite don’t get this twisted Uno can chat anything Uno want to say about me I don’t care but when Uno involve my child Uno get my attention my name worry them have you a way u no little mad you super mad cheer up girl is just a name imagine if a my goodness mi did up all now you ugly muma would a look loan Fi plan you funeral . A no my fault you muma put you out Fi f**k from a 12 my daughter a 21 and mi never dash weh no belly Fi her yet she have her own bed her own room she know her father she no short a nutten that my 1 and only forever Barbie member Uno hate and cuss Uno mother Fi man all the time my can dance so she dance a no my fault Uno stand still in a dance bcuz every corner Uno turn Uno see a man weh f**k Uno and no look if Uno know weh me know Uno go try clean up Uno f**ng record that will give Uno something to do and stop watch man cocky and woman pussy

    2. Last did too late Fi mi answer Uno mi did sleepy I don’t know what the problem with Uno ppl ina the DMV if jiggy name go up 100 time Uno talk bout the same thing and my name head the list me and jiggy stop f**k long time a wah true Uno can’t even talk to the man Uno f***g in public and me and my Ex super Kool we f**g oh well sad to say I can’t fix Fi Uno problem Uno afi go pray to God Fi that anyone a Uno weh talk bout my daughter Uno need Fi go ward 21 go lock Uno crazy my daughter pretty pon any side well educated from meadowbrook prep to Merl Grove high 6 CXC plus 3 cape from what I see I don’t think even have a school leaving certificate .With this mi done all mi a ask you fi do let do a face off challenge and a education achievement and a body and face challenge I beg for MET to be the judge

  14. Stink breathe fronzy pussy weh Mini Mi f**k out Kim why you writing about Neaky if yuh an har ah fren? But yuh write up Kerry on PinkWall an yuh and she suppose to be frens- y’all bitches R krazy!

    An furda mor how ah post about broke pocket scarecrow Jiggy and scatta mout rain tun into neaky post? Affa di girl nah look Jiggy! Lawd seem like neaky name betta den pocket money- smh unnu fi stay pon topic
    Once Pop kno flop Jiggy hunks

    Wi all kno ah who post dis ah foolishness

  15. call name mi fren rass all fatta ugly baby mother name dem a call marget tell your daughter stay of social media cause it don’t look good and just sign the paper give jiggy cause him run him mouth like river bad my girl tell everybody seh him don’t want your daughter and she don’t want to let go and a try used your bad man family them fi page him fatta page him wicked a fire cookout over the summer and she even mace him smh poor jiggy even teardown the people dem fence

  16. f**k which ever f**ckface bitch or bastard that said Fata CRACKHEAD, UGLY, STAY BAD BABYMOTHER, Y’ALL POOPUTT NOBODY JAMAICAN MOTHAF**KAZ DON’T want NO SAUCE with this crack head looking bitch TRUST ME…F**K OFF…I’ll TAKE YOU AND YA MOMMA MAN wit my crack head looking ass…holla at me anytime you see me BUT get your papers FIRST you fu((ng MUTS

  17. Bwaay, unu stomach STRONG fi f*kk Jiggy eeh…Mi woulda scorn my pumpum any how it lose it mine and mek dah sitten deh walla walla in it.
    Mi nuh know bout talent, but Jiggy dun yah now. All him duh is walk and beg play a dance wid him next wutless giglo fren Bling. (mi nuh know which one a dem worse, him or Bling). Everready is a nice girl, she juss need fi stop mine man and tek people man. Jiggy obviously a secure him accomodation fi 2017. Mi wish dem di bess.

  18. A Description of a F**k Boy

    A manipulating big dick with long grand father balls who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. Jiggy Hunks will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want. Jiggy Hunks the F**kboy is the type of guy who does shit that generally pisses the population of the earth off all the time. He will also lead elder women on with jobs just for hookups, money, green card opportunities, new clothes, new shoes and says he’s really into you but doesn’t want to deal with all the “relationship bullshit” just to use you. He thinks about himself and only himself all the time but pretends to be really nice and loves you. He also does really f**d up shit and then complains about people who do the same old shit to him. Once a f**kboy always a f**kboy, because f**k boys ganna be f**kboys.

  19. but wait how u know seh him hood long lol u sound very mad dat u wont be getting grandaddy co@ky.. gyal pickni go read a book u careless parasite.. jiggy mi waaah see ah weh digyal dem a mad ovva so u ah gwaan co##y like dat fi gt more dan clothes n shoes man.bbz uneed a car step ur game up ah u name jiggy hunks weh kartel chat bout.. bapp lil boy u talented n many ways it looks. di DMV gyal dem ah mad ova u.. never ready rain baby cah hold jiggy caah him nuh tek care of him sona yaad so move ur wid leyalnd truck mouth.. neakel u look like a big stray dogg, ruff bit##

  20. All a unu need some business!!!!! Guh suck out unu Pitny pussy an stop chat bout people!!!! None a unu nah touch a button!!!! Bring down artist!!! unu mumma shoulda abort di whole a unu wotless piece a dog shit wit a hanga

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