GM Met, thought you’d be interested in this story. This is long time scammer Tammy. She’s friend with Apple J-icon and the crew. She hangs out with the hairdresser twins in queens. She’s well known. I couldn’t get a mug shot but maybe you can.

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  1. Ur’ll are worst than the fu*king FBI my god lol! Apple just buy d goods u hear, don’t get Ur hands dirty, u can always say u know dem threw a link and didn’t know that the items were stolen with a good lawyer if ever get questioned.. If this story is true!!

  2. Morning Met and Metters
    BREAKING NEWS: Tamara a call Name Ohhhhhhhhhhhh she a cut dub plate dung a station di tune ago number one when she dun

  3. It was yesterday I told y’all feds was watching daffy and Babette and ppl run in and say is not true met when I come talk her know its facts you here. I’m not saying you but you know how ppl stay more time apple Babette kerry . Shauna and the list goes on they all was doing business with Tamara kizzy too she love buy shoes from tTamara for jayx and she chat too much

    1. For my part, I can clarify fbi is soooo very different from NYPD in any case, I can also tell you they never followed Tamara nor did they tail Bobbette for this case. Tamara was caught because the security at her employers found what they saw on camera as suspect and handed it over to the NYPD.
      You said they were being tailed because Jue was talking and for that I said SAY IT AIN’T SO. No shade, ok so don’t go off about my Spanish azz being on a Jamaican site, just clarifying what I was saying.

      1. Mek yu thing feds nu involve, quena? Feds are involve because the scams have become an international problem. Credit card scams are now multiagency ops.
        Anon, keep talking yah.

        1. @Phantom, I am not saying feds not involved, identity theft is a federal crime however feds will assist the state as they re doing in this case which is a state case because state raided Tamara as I know for a fact! No body tailed her, they survailed her activity at Saks.
          Talk yah Anon….cuh mi well wah hear!
          Suss fram mawning wi seh!

          1. Me glad you notice that feds are included in crime fighting. Don’t ever swear for the feds and their surveillance activities and don’t forget that these thieves are associated with DRUGS too.

  4. Looks hella suspect. Me wey don’t know a soul ina dancehall know Apple is a thief, yet law enforcement aren’t privy to such facts? In spite of close associates and friends being apprehended? Unless they are terribly chummy with said law enforcement.
    Somebody better quit while ahead. Clothes and shoes just aren’t worth it.

  5. Just fe lock the whole a them, you know what it is like when them teif your credit card information…Social media going to be them downfall, all the receipt that was posted with the purchases going to bite them in the behind!!!

    1. For sure because these challenged birds blur out the wrong ‘ish. Receipts have time stamps, register terminal numbers and cashier’s that completed the transaction number.All of this information allows security to RUN THE TAPE……por favor!

  6. Met hi know Tamara long time she is a informer very good one.she was the the fed wire ar body an set up wodini that pat palm tree man he was in fed jail hi think he was suppose to be deport to jamaica she is a good informer .tammy she ago talk fe save ar self from going home to jamaica she don’t have no paper she is illegal alian she is a good credit card scammer .she alone not taking it nor stand the charges she is a wicked wicked girl don’t play with ar

    1. Yuh come back again wid d damn “HI” instead of “I”. Bwoy all when people cuss n do up unu claat bout illiteracy unu still nuh comprehend.
      You is no better than them ooooo

  7. Lock up them claat dem must live within there means the so call celebrity event this month icon birthday suh everybody want to out do one another lock up each & every one a dem cause dem chest is so high like miss Tomas puss & wah come boast offa ppl expense outta order & bright

    1. Lol am I wrong… @The true god love 12.50pm.. you are amazing, in one breath you claim to know Tamara well well and dishing out her file,but in the same breath requesting for her picture….Is It me or am I one confused individual…

  8. Kemmy me an Tamara a friend from Gigi day a wey u come from me no want picture to see that thieft .it for other people fe see are she use to hang out a Gigi then she mix up Gigi then she go a Michelle then to the twin then shout you mouth me an are a come long time . If hi ever call some names Tamara a fed she ago give up everybody an come right back shut the f up

  9. Yesss oooooo a di same Tammy mi always a talk bout a Long Island whey apple wake outta har bed 4 am inna di Mawning fi go get di chanel bag and di gal talk say shi tired a har. Yes she hangs with the twins di dankee shape one dem. Tammy did minimum 4 yrs and come out fi di same ting she going right back in for. Set a pest inna ppl life!

  10. mi jus a scratch mi head, over a 100 boxes a shoes{$400,000}??????suh how much money dem hole an tuh???she couldn’t one jus a ware dem,di grand larceny alone is a serious ting,if dem people investigate an a fine out seh di ting over a millian,it nuh matter if she inform,automatic Prison time,yes mi know are,an yes dem seh she did inform before,but mi never si nuh paperwork{nuh paperwork}suh fimi conclusion badmine woman,

  11. Mi did think say Tammy change cause when she come out a jail all real skin color did return to queens. Tammy a di #1 supplier for real goods inna do dancehall community. The twins are Lisa and Trisha. Tammy did mix Gigi, she did mix Michele, and the twins love buy from har.

  12. She should have just sell me one of the shoe for $100 and she would not be doing time for 100 shoe. ( Right about now wishing I knew her ) lol

  13. But Apple did posr message or comment one time fr Tammy the Saks sales associate. I read it right here… lol…

  14. Yes yes Tammy and Fridge aka DIONNE use to swipe card fridge still live wid har Madda wid 2 big Pickney luv brand and don’t have a pot to piss in. Tamara come from Portland and yes she sent home hoodini.. Tammy did deh wid 1 one foot Haitian man she dress up nd guh di African bar dem fi meet di African scammers nd sleep wid dem fi get credit card info.. Met weh u affi sey.. These are facts mi gyal..

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