1. Why every picture she have her cow tongue hanging like that? She look like she take that tongue and swipe his ass from the back to the front… Euwwww……….

  2. U know mi see some other pics of her even with other people an mi wondering why har tongue always long out an why it look so. Nuff of her pics is like that. Ewwww. Mek mi skin crawl. Bbbrrrr

  3. That’s the pornstar kakey, google her. She’s been doing that tongue pose from ever since. Her bj skills are world re-known, that tongue has some use.

  4. She a porn star? I go wait for resident professor emeritus of pornology, Dr. Yep fi confirm dis, then I go google. Dibwayvda tongue deh long a muss fish brush she use scrub it.

    1. Itsme, mi jus watch one ah ar video…that’s her alright!! :hammer :hammer ..she was knobbing and took har long tongue at the same time lick the man balls while knogging on the rifle..she is talented :hammer

  5. Dah tongue deh look like it hab ah mind of it own. She caw control dat tongue cause see it deh always ah slide outta har mouth. My gurl yuh need fi invest eena duck tape, cause yuh tongue too rebellious…..

  6. Hold on, hold on why is it that every picture she takes she must show the tongue that’s so damn nasty why is it that it needs to be shown what is the purpose of showing it who cares his sh*t is in your mouth all the time, I’m amusing and your tongue action is the only thing that is keeping him with you, this is all guesses but for the life of me it doesn’t look good, it looks so damn adnormal to me. sick

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