>>>”The witch of new jersey keshea glama”

Keisha She act as if she flawless and all that sh*t but b*tch i know your nothing. When u come around u laugh acting all miss Hollywood lol but for your information u need to clean out your closet and seek god and not the devil u are besides u have the man wanting him son but due to how hes not in any position u choose not to u run push it on someone who has the paper. “B**ch u wrong” every time the man get to you u run change your number how long u think u can run. You dumb as f**k forcing your son on someone who not putting u nowhere upfront still dont make it so dont come around acting all confident we all know your little secret, sooner than u think him will be in the building.

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  1. Stop write u own comment it wrong mi no wan wake up like dat is either u ugly wid de makeup r u ugly wid out the makeup u r not pretty not at all

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