Met a little birdie told me that Andre Porter who was accused of rape was found not guilty and sued for damages. My sources close to him said that he got a little more than 3 million out of court and has been seen driving a brand new BMW. I hear he is also working on a book and documentary about going to prison.


  1. All lies!! Nice try Andre! Plus he still has case going on. The witness never showed on o w but don’t try to lie to say you sued!! Sued what!! Narcissistic Rapist smh good luck in court in March

    1. People real stupid especially ghetto uneducated people. Stay out of the parties and pick up a book. Andre porter is a con man and theif.. A somebody him a con and Rob.

  2. My brother was also accused of rape a few years ago and the girl broke down in court and confessed she was telling a lie. If this man was a rapist he would be in prison. Him looking like money for real tho.

  3. Someone sounds very bitter. The same can happen to any man in your family. Live and let live. 2019 around the corner. Stop wishing bad for people. That’s why a lot of you suffering. Too much hate in your blood. 3 million. God work in mysterious ways. Buju get caught with drugs red handed and Jamaican celebrated his release. Obviously the man was found not guilty. Can’t wait to read the book. I have read a few of his previous books. Good news is good news.

  4. Saw him on Fox 29 TV about a month ago. Read a few of his books. Looking forward to this one. Not everyone accused of rape is a rapist good to see justice was served. Too many innocent people in prison. Especially black men.

  5. Naw lie. Him used to look maga but now him body look good. Saw him at Twin White party and the way him clean it look like him get 3 million Inna real life. Nuff people did wish him was guilty because him nuh run in pon people. Dem say him Conceited. Personally I didn’t like him because him break mi sista heart but the rape thing was not him. Wondering if she still has a chance lol

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  8. Obviously this man has a stalker. How you know so much about the court dates? Somebody need to rape you. I can bet anything the same person send the story. Leave the man alone now gosh. It’s a new year stop wish bad for people pickney that’s why nuff a onu a suffa

  9. A true man the fi leave the youth a unnuh a pay the penalty no hin so what does it concern this person who keeps talking about the man

  10. 3 million him get! No sah me want a woman accuse me of rape too. A joke ya that is some savage shit. 3 million? Mr. Porter big up a long time Philadelphia people a fight you and now you a big millionaire on Dem. Keep your head up God naw sleep. 3 million make Twin White look broke an Mr. Porter Naw floss it out a party. Can’t wait to read the book

  11. Philly people when y’all sending in the ppl them stories make sure its accurate because y’all telling lies to bash di ppl dem how unno seh Tasha and munchie fight nuh di girl that a har round robin and taking pictures they all kool y’all need Facts before coming on here talking 2019 let’s see receipts or some other prove

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    Eva fuck up

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  22. Rass. Me hear set him really get 3 million Inna real life. He was on Power 99 talking about the book and documentary a few minutes ago. At least him name no call Pon no pedophile business. What a gal wicked. Probably did want money. My question is why this person keep sending in story about his Every move an court dates? How Dem know so much!? Bet is a woman who get one and move! Shhhh but me fren sey him cocky big fi real an fat biggest she ever seen an him know how to fuck. Hopefully him use the money wisely. As fi the Philly gal Dem trash is trash but you have some real good gal in Philly.

  23. why whenever shauna keep party she always get her photos never posted or taken down is she really that insecure about a few untouched unfiltered or enhanced photos

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  32. Granny is a community bicycle just like diamond thots r us. My question is did he really get 3 million dollars? That’s good tho. I don’t wish rape lie on even my enemy. What a savage girl wicked bad. Oh yeah. Diamond eat batty for real human toilet. Swear she is somebody because everybody is fucking her. Shauna support everyone party do Dem fi Support her

  33. @bless up you sound bitter. Talking about who cares. The same can happen to your son or brother. Some of onnu love wish bad on others until the same happen to someone you care about. Big up Mr. Porter when I heard it I knew something was wrong. Can’t wait to read the book

  34. Tasha munchy say you pussy stink hey gal munchy weh you nose a do under the gal unnuh start nam each other puss who really a dress you my girl no man you stay very bad puss ketchup you big and broad like wall you think you look good my girl loose weight.

  35. Him soon trick all a uno and fuck uno off him not getting no money ..him just a look attention. ..philly all of us live so tell truth will come. Dann like horse a gallop

  36. The hate is real. Same way Dem see Jesus a walk Pon water and say home can’t swim! Obviously the man get the money because I never seen nobody come from prison with nothing and always clean when I see him in pics. Plus more than one person said they saw the new black BMW him driving. Some a onnu need to drop a sleep and don’t wake up. It can happen to anyone. After what happened I doubt he would want to sleep with crosses. Naw lie him deserve it. People hate him but no one deserves to go to prison based on a lie. Especially rape.

  37. The girl that claim porter raped her daughter windy fucked her why she no go report windy unnuh American love walk and fuck too much

    1. *some americans and last i check some jamaicans well fucky fucky tooo y’all not more than us and we not more than you’ll. same boat different stops ‍♀️

  38. Andre Porter invest ina sum arm pit deodorants nd maxi pads fi dem dunnsriver fall arm pits yuh use fi fling back di girl pikny weh yuh hide nd rape off old liad bout millionaire

    Yuh tink seh di people dem nah see yuh stalking di people dem ina dance but hear dis we see yuh eye dem pon yuh future victims all ina people dem background ina dance pics dem

    Yuh soon get yuh 2019 beating raper man Porter

  39. Lawd God people still hating on the man. If he had rape anyone he would be in prison. Stop wish bad on people. Onnu bitta bad. Because him get the money onnu mad because onnu caw run in lol

  40. The man a dance and enjoy himself. Nuff a onnu go party to watch people. Obviously you watching his Every move bitch. Who is the stalker now

    1. Onnu a hate Pon the man while him a live him life and doing better than a lot of you. ONLY lowdown people still hate on someone even when court say not guilty onnu still a hate or it’s because him get the 3 million? Hurt nuff a onnu doh. Suck onnu mada an low the man now!

  41. If Mr Porter did have any Sense whatso ever. He would not have advertised that he got any Millions. Unless he wants to become the victim of a robbery. Did he forget that is pure hungry belly people deh a farrin now. let him gwan bait up himself. I can bet he didn’t get a dolor but just trying to stay relevant and put his dam life in jepordy. Me cah believe a BullBay Mickey son dis a gwan like a bait. Me use to rate ur father from Bukas days but you clown out ur family lineage my yute. go get a real job and look a life and stay out the way so people can miss ur over burnt ass.

  42. LOL this need crowd. First Dem style the man as rapist now him get found not guilty People upset because him win the lawsuit. At least now we know he was not Guilty. Hopefully him spend it wisely and move out of Philadelphia

  43. The entire story was a big lie. Why people so wicked! Just see a news paper article about the story. Such a shame to see his own Jamaican people trying to bring him down. God is good. So many lies WOW

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