1. Everybody mix up inna coke, prostitution and all kinda things under quiet. Then when dem dead people wonder how or why.
    A lot of these entrepreneurs nah mek no money from the business. The business is just a front.

    1. Exactly. Who a go fuck people man then friend the man ooman? It nuh surprise me though. Long time she hate Kim. Now we a see why.

  2. Well, at least Trish put her money to good use. She washed her money and has legit money rolling in and as you said, she has properties. You taught her the game, huh? You have a kid, you couldn’t buy some things in Ross and open a store in Constant Spring and sell them to make some legit cash? Why you never set up your kid’s future? You never know it wouldn’t rain forever?

    Seems like you mad because the lady had a plan and you didn’t have one.

    Trish, if you did that to your friends then you really ain’t sh@t

  3. Her laces are wack for real. She use 100 ring light fi hide the lace an wen natural light catch it it look tacky AF. Then have the nerves a cum talk bout her price is her price an she lock wen bank lock. U can afford to lock wen bank lock because u have u back up money an still a bruck ppl back by over charging. U is a wicked big mouth ugly bitch! An stop chatting ur clients an badmind dem!

  4. If you guys haven’t figured out Krystal’s MO by now y’all just as gullible. Anytime Krystal bruk a so she try extort ppl. She talk outta har own mouth say she used her money to take trips while Trish used hers to buy property. So you mean to tell me now say Trish must turn round send Krystal pikney go school? She’s mad because Trish asked her where she must get money from when she beg her help her with her son school fee? Notice that the issue of the ‘fake’ bag did not come about until after Trish told her to start a Gofundme to get help for the son? Krystal is acting entitled and wants people to bail her out after minding and carrying Dan on multiple European trips.

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