13 thoughts on “THIS WICKED MAN

  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    He is not going to kill himself he would have done it right there and then,him a look boat,this like the fourth killing and the week just start Domestic Violence is at an all-time high in Jamaica even the one weh the police shot him woman twice inna har pus-c killing she to,the 18yr old one,the 45 yr old weh him chop her up in front her two kids and the other girl weh him show up at the house the brother did a run him and as the brother walk out him kill she. R.I.P to the ladies

  2. He turned himself in yesterday morning with his family member.Cops are awaiting his attorney to question him.He posted on his Facebook how sorry he is for killing her.

  3. I Don’t think the sister knew, I think she wanted to make sure he confessed on tape. It’s so sad and left a child without a mother or a father. If you listened she’s asking him where he is and other pertinent information that can maybe lead to his capture. We just have to pray for this family and ask the lord to guide the child who is now left to live a life as an orphan. The dad is alive but call him dead cause he can’t contribute nothing to her life now.
    He’s a coward and he’s not going to kill himself, I’m telling you if only us women had a crystal ball to show us to avoid some of these devils when them call to we pon rd.

  4. I think the sister wanted to get as much info as possible to convict him I don’t know why these wicked man ya no just kill dem self first hear him a talk to the woman like even if him a go kill him rass self him want pity only sorry for the kids wicked evil f er him bout she nah come back so why him nuh go get a next gal it bun me fe him a come sound pittyful old murdera have no mercy for him period

  5. Di breed a evil weh deh bout yah now.. mi Sleep wid mi Bible unda mi pillow cause cause anything a anything. No man!! Hear how the man calm star.

  6. She knew , I was the one who told her to question him. He kept calling n was curious to know what he had to say It’s not the deceased sister but we all r frenz.

  7. Annony
    What did he say was the motive for killing his baby mother?
    I couldn’t hear his replies on the tape.

  8. He killed her because she wanted to leave him and the lady his talking to on the phone told him you didn’t give her a chance to even come back to you, you went and kill har, how you know she wouldn’t of come back..

    Sorry excuse for a man…

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