++++++> THOTSCOTS o_O

Yes met these three “black bottle girls” as them seem to want to be called are seeking this form of high school fame I see. The one ishawna and michaeleena must glad “fash” as them call her deh yah now. Edel couldn’t keep up the hot gal rich fashionista look in the u.s so she come yah a gwaan like smaddy in her cheap clothes. Hate ppl that act better than ppl.and what edel trying is the beginning of a mean girl socialite clique!!!kmt three thotscots “mascots”

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  1. Met unless a 1 a dem gyal ya send in dis me na buy it cause everybody dun know Ishawna history already d 1 in a d hat everbody dun know say fi her clotehs dem cheap n no mek no sense – n fr d other day a pure 1 drop a come in bout da girl in a d green whe look like smaddy poison her n none a dem na connect – unless smaddy a come gi wi bill n receipt bout dem n d amount a gyal dem de wid n d 3 sum dem if not unu can dun now

  2. But it na go happen at all cause none a dem na #Fetch, Skatta soon dun wid d idiot 1 n as whe d ppl dem say d leprechaun always have 2 man n d other 1 always standout looking ugly n cheap so unu run along now…But wait de MET d leprechaun look like a d same watch she a beat whe Ruption buy her !!! a wha d rest a man dem na spend dem money??

  3. The girl smart her store opening Saturday in Springs so create the controversy on here and matterhorn page ppl run to look on her page free promo. She might not deal with ppl good but she have few marketing tricks. Would not surprise that is not she send in the pictures…. Good marketing strategy.

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