According to the deejay, MC Nuffy wrongfully cut her set short at Sting and was biased in favour of other females like Ishawna, who was also booked for the Fabulous Five segment.
Tiana said she was booked to perform for 10 minutes. However, her set was rudely interrupted by MC Nuffy before she reached her climax. She explained that she deserved to stay on stage longer because she has a bigger following than the other ladies in the Fabulous Five.
“A me alone a tour out of the Fabulous Five. That’s why, right now, I regard myself as the Fabulous One. I am an independent artiste and mi never have to sleep with Skatta. Ishawna should not have gotten better treatment than me on the show because she is not the one. I don’t normally go against artistes, and people know this. But when something is wrong, I have to say it, and when it is right, we leave it at that,” she said.
As for MC Nuffy, Tiana called him a pepper light.
“Everybody have dem artiste and when you are not in their circle, this is how they deal with you. I had 10 minutes to perform and it was rude of him to come and insult my performance like that. Nuffy, you are a pepper light MC, and it’s only one time per year yu hot. Yu fi know dat!” she said.
When contacted by The STAR, MC Nuffy said Tiana may have a strong following in Europe. However, that does not mean the audience at Sting would have tolerated her performance for the full 10 minutes at that hour in the morning. He claims he was saving Tiana’s reputation.
“Jamworld did a clap har off before mi even introduce har. She fi glad seh she a get some attention roun a Europe side. A beg mi did a beg Sting fi give har a chance because di people dem nuh know har. Happy New Year Tiana, because I don’t want to handle yu today. I hope you have a good year. A nuh you name Ishawna, a nuh you name Stylysh, a nuh you di people dem did waah see. Yu mussi wah Sting tump yu inna yu mouth inna the morning. Happy New Year, yu hear mi?” MC Nuffy laughed.
Tiana recently released songs called Balance Pon Mi Head and Fabulous One in which she fired several lyrical shots at Ishawna, MC Nuffy and Stylysh. The deejay is currently in Europe on a tour, which will see her performing at events in Germany, Switzerland and France. She is also expected to make her debut in Africa.
She also thanked promoters Isiah Laing and Heavy D for supporting female artistes, highlighting that her grouse was with MC Nuffy.

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  1. Leave Ishawna alone and galang pon yuh tour a Europe. What a way unu hot fi she so, everybody a run go mek song fi di gal. Unu too bitter. Maybe she bold with har whoring behavior but some a gnu a undercover whores.

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