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TMZ REPORTS THAT There’s nothing more doctors can do for Bobbi Kristina — and they’ve told Bobby Brown it’s time to withdraw life support … TMZ has learned.
Family sources tell us the decision is now in Brown’s hands — but we’re told he’s refusing to make the painful choice today, and instead wants to wait until after the weekend.
The timing could not have been worse. Today is Bobby Brown’s birthday.
We’re told Brown has been hopeful his daughter can beat the odds because someone in his extended family battled out of a coma after 8 days.
Bobbi Kristina was moved to Emory University Hospital Tuesday because the facility has a world class neurological department, but it appears doctors have determined there’s no hope.
Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically-induced coma since Saturday, when she was found face down in her bathtub.


    1. @Chuety why do you say a family curse, Whitney and BK are the only two on both sides of the family to go out this way. As far as BK, I feel she staged and timed it…..what a cry out for attention, sadly it ended her life!

  1. Lwad have mercy!! Her mom really wanted her. I will look at it that way cause Jah know it sad. I hope she and her mom reunite in the spiritual world and be happy. SAD.

  2. It truly tragic, but if Emory University cyaah duh nutten, then there is nutten that can done because they are rated one of the best best medical facilities in the U.S…by the grace of God may she pull thru before they disconnect her life support, but she is officially deemed brain dead :sorry

  3. Every heart knows it’s own bitterness, I wouldn’t want to be in Bobby Brown shoes, all the money and the fame, I know they would’ve gladly trade in, for real love, peace and contentment. I’d better I stay poor and have peace, love and joy, than all this wealth that does not amount up to anything.

    1. Real ting Bammy…same ting mi seh everyday..when you have real love, it is the most beautiful feeling in the world..money can never buy love and happiness…

  4. The news stunted me we all knew that Bobbi Kristine never was the same when her mother passed away and even though she thought she was in love with the man she called husband it was just an out let to have her family let her be but she has been crying out the one when she lost her mother and it’s sad that she didn’t allow her family to be there for her, she needed help to deal with the death and I just wish that she had gotten some help at least talk to someone we never know what a person go through until it’s to late and here it is… We all know that her mother is waiting on the other side for her and we do know that are path are written by God he has a greater plan for her and she will now be one of God’s servants one of his angles for another soul that is going through something similar.

  5. John 5:28
    ‘Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which ALL that are in the graves shall hear his voice,’
    This verse may be hard to accept, however, we need to start believing the Most High’s words and not let our hearts decide what is true or not.
    There is NO DEAD HUMAN in heaven right now looking down on us, if there was, the resurrection and trying to live good so we can earn the reward of life everlasting, would be in vain.
    Let us believe Jah’s words and not man’s doctrine…

  6. Oh no this is soooo sad I just hate talking about her,this poor soul has been going thru a lot since she’s a little girl because of her parents addiction, then when her mom died it’s like she lost everything….I understand what her dad is going thru.. I’m typing with tears in my eyes at this moment as a parent myself it’s hard to let go..her dad is really torn up…so sad…

  7. What a news fi give di man pon him birthday. If Bobbi Kris nuh pull chu Bobby Brown will never be the same again, di poor man head gwine mashup especially every year round him birthday. Miracles still happen every day, minute and hour. May God lay out a miracle pon dat Bobbi Kris. Life is so darn painful too much a di time. Oh God man, dis too much and mi not even know none a dese ppl directly. Is ongle God wi hab in dis world, everyting else is on borrowed time.

  8. And today is his Bobby birthday, I can just imagine, having to deal with Whitney death anniversary, plus having his daughter, his love child,ending her life the same way, I don’t want to think about this poor man, because right now, he’s one of the poorest people in the world right now in the Sprite I would never want be in his shoes. So sad

    1. T, and Bobby Kristina is the apple of Bobby’s eyes suh mi know it ah kill him right now fe haffe pull the plug on his baby girl..not something any parent would want tuh have tuh do…my folks had tuh make that devastating decision and remove my sister from life support and they have never been the same again because they’ve had tuh bare that heavy burden ever since taking my sister off of life support…I really feel it for Bobby because no parent should ever have tuh bury ah child at such ah young age :sorry

      1. Sorry to hear that Yeppie, that must have been so painful & difficult for your family to endure. when that happens it normally leaves a form of emptiness & void that nothing can fill. Life goes on but it is never the same thereafter.I can just imagine what d Browns & Houstons are going through right now, it must be a torture having to pull d plug on your own child. Its just tragic that she suffered d same faith as her mom!! Very sad indeed!!

        1. Yes it was, but I couldn’t bare tuh be there when they did…my sister and I did our sisterly thing days before she passed so she understood…those were her last dying wishes, tuh be removed from life support when her conditioned progressed tuh that stage…she wanted tuh pass on because the pains from her illness was just too much for her tuh bare; she always said so…she looked forward tuh Heaven and meeting the Lord :angel…it truly puts your loved ones at ah certain ease when you hear your ailing loved one make peace and acceptance before death…

  9. Sad sad sad indeed. When they found her she wasn’t breathing and her heart had stopped. Wasn’t she dead then? And I know they usually give them an artificial heartbeat until their own hearts start up again….if not they just pronounce them dead. So why prolong the family’s suffering. J know they were trying everything they could to save her but if the news was correct, she wasn’t in a coma when they found her because she didn’t have a heartbeat. So why put her in a coma. I hope it wasn’t suicide because I really want her soul to be in heaven with her mother. RIP Bobbie Kristina. Gone too soon as I believe there was soooo much here for you to do. Smh.

    1. Cita, it all depends on how long she was unresponsive before found…she could’ve possibly already been dead, she may have been resuscitated and then slipped into ah deep coma, again falling unresponsive…when someone’s spirit dies, there really isn’t much that anyone can do tuh bring you back around…

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