Met me wah you ask ******* if it’s thru WALDY took her to RIU wah day and a f***k har why she feel seh she good? ******* how you so bare face you go pon the north coast the weekend before ***************** party and the Wednesday you reach a di man a talk up a bagga things after u **** Waldy. ********* learn fi stop walk and f***k down d place it nuh look good. U tink Waldy wah u ? U claim seh u good well here’s your chance fi prove that, let’s all see if Waldy ago wife u up! Ur just another statistics learn fi have some morals and tek u p***y offa u forehead!!!!


  1. Sender, if Ishawna has no basic principles…den how she fe have any pusseyy principles? Maybe this is ah bruck out stage she ah guh thru, and could be rightfully so, but there has to be basic moral principles before there can be any pusseyyy principles, don’t?

    1. Ishawna a sell pussy then if she leave #Foota because him dont have any money… smh sigh that really f***k up still i thought she had better sense

      1. mi see it full now but dem is real set a fool though , she know who troubling har fi go mek acid and public example,sender mine ooo

        1. Mi waaa seeit oooooo lmaooooooo pretty face terrible character Ishawna stop wine baby ….. n mi nah tawk likkle Wayne man needa ok

          1. but chuet by right a cudda lie di sender a tell so true mi nuh know mi tek whey di name..from u name nuh call u nuh hold u corner no dem haffi always ansa? but as mi seh last week……………sumting ina sumting wid smaddy man so all kinda sneaking tings a gwaan so dis a whey di person mussy waa se all dis time and…all mi waa know bout dis post is how much ooman dis man have becausen se :shutup:
            tunya find out fi mi please :tkp

          2. Herrrrrrrrlowwwwwwwwww beg u a kotch pon di transpote deh pls :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

  2. Waldy not leaving Juliene though hell no , so dem can gwaan run in, waldy money nuff as duck so everybody want a cut. All weh a gwan judiene a life.


  3. @ ISPY I am sure Sandra(wife) thought the same thing. Juline is no life just like Sandra her time will come. Waldy cah tame…..

  4. Yeah, him can’t tame cah him money nuff bad, but him love Juliene though and the kids, everybody wants a piece, Toni Ann tek him and mash up har rass life, ishawna di same. Left unnu man as main chick fi be side piexe. Unnu sad.
    Waldy don’t want a soulllllllllllllll

  5. man a jump hurdles loose offa dem nvr know all a dem licky licky so smh esp toni ann har mother die meet RIP CHERRY

  6. @Anonymous 5:35 you say Waldy loves Juline I won’t dispute that but if I was her I would rather to be RESPECTED. She has been with this man how long and I am absolutely positive that the only thing constant in her relationship is the fact that she gets BUN ALL D TIME!!! So I wouldn’t say Waldy isn’t leaving Juline I would say it’s vice versa. I guess she’s contented with knowing she has a money man even thou emotionally she’s stressed.

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