1. Gm All ,special GM Sender,

    You n Tracey need fi team up n unno go teef a book!!Dictionary will be too much but try a “I am Tom. I am a boy. ” book.I bet you never hear bout the saying to stop watch ppl bizness while urs a spoil!!?

    Who’ve* wtf yooo
    Theif* is the noun dear
    U should have gone with the verb!
    How di phuck yuh get apostrophe S fi the plural form of Lady!!?u meant Ladies!

    Tracey mi nah partial yuh a BBC’s a show!!?
    Like seriously though! !?? :hoax2 :siul

  2. @ yardielovethug is you pink wall English teacher. Board of ED is hiring go apply if you have papers. Yo this hoe stay putting herself on the wall. I’m convinced it’s her putting up herself I smell ATTENTION SEEKER. She’s not attractive her body ain’t that banging so who would be obsessed with you that much. Girl bye

  3. Yardieluvthug are u gay because if u are it’s ok but what kind of man are u that gets up everyday and come on a gossip site blogging u have a batty currant walking with u are not a real man just shut the hell up u are annoying the batty energy is real I bet if shebada see u him can identify with u

    1. Current*

      This is what a fullstop looks like “.”

      It’s also called a period but of course you would need know what a period is you menopause bitchwitch!

      Have a lovely day n tomorrow again a me dat again. .deal with the fact that it’s really the fact that you can’t shut me up is really annoying you.Abayyyeeee :selamat :dp :newyear :ngakak :sup2: :repost2 :batabig :kbgt: :kacau:

  4. Yardie I know ur panties are bigger than mine and yes miss yardie me know u can trace but u are a mess u are a bitch ass nigga u are a bend down and piss man battyman yardie I would not want a bitch man like u u chat too much U live pon pink wall like a real bitch u are dumb and ur battyman energy is very strong on here maybe if u just come out and say that u are a queer I wouldn’t have a problem with u but ur always pretending to like women when in fact ur a bitch if u are gay then ur obsession with gossip and mixup will be acceptable me know u wash drawz and heng out pon line we know u

  5. He is ur English teacher not mine u are just as dumb as he is yardie u are on ignoramus u are not a straight man yardie and u can’t teach me English to teach me English u have to know it and from what I have read on some of ur posts u are clearly clueless to the English language u confuse typos with misspelt words queen yardie have several seats cuz u are flaming

  6. :ngacir2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Rollments ova yasso :ngakak light gone an mi cyaah warm di baby bakkle….I are weak out in yah…..smaddy help mi drop a grung an mi alone cyaah get up….calling uber now :ngacir2.

  7. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Back to regular news :nerd …a nuff man mi have suh if one missn ano nothing. :ngakak

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