This post has proven that 3 things they say about him are true.
1. Him live ina basement cause di bedhead a touch di ceiling. Even if a poster bed, it not supposed to touch di ceiling.
2. Him mus be a battyman cause only woman alone tek dem kinda bedroom picho deh. Him jus lay off like some big whoring gyal.
3. Nuff dancehall ppl cannot spell. Now mi know him typingin patois and ebonics….but dem 2 words is neither of di two.
2015-02-21 18.23.07

0 thoughts on “TREES DEM SEH A TRUE

  1. No Treez does not live in a basement, the columns are just high for that bed. As to the pose wukliss Treez wanted to make it a point to show off his cockiness without being too obvious.

  2. As long as he live somewhere, unlike some man that love to live out of their cars. I believe he’s just trying to show what he’s working with, not bad. He looks very happy and confident.

  3. As long as him live in ina a woman house, him good to go, nuff a them man here deh aid woman that them don’t even like, just to have a place to lay them head.

  4. Its not a basement the windows in the bottom pic are different sizes. But the posing is very suspect and fishy. He looks weird.

  5. Quena me no know who u know in de BX but
    headache to collect rent? Must south bx wey de spanish dem live u a talk …u making a broad statement so im too

  6. Why do uneducated people love social media so, it only proves your stupidity – more time unno fi chill (bier) loooool

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