1. instead of acquired immune him say auto immune. No sah him banton the meds and a nyam sh!t. Sass crisse him really say a ponzi scheme. :tkp

  2. damm nigger still dumb. yeah the meds is a big scamm with these big companies but to say you feel well for the past year lol….but then again dude still dressing like a teenager at 60 years old.

  3. Suh eating ass is part of the ghetto diet? :ngakak si yah lawd mek a guh back pan di people dem sofah, ah just nevah ready.. :ngakak. well a guess now unu know why all dese videos popping up all ovah wid sucking and eating..coming from a dying man suh a can’t sarrr, :ngakak :ngakak

  4. this whole interviewlet me know…….. this comment let mi know for sure its the monster….”i haddnt had any new outbreaks” i’m not formila wid lupus but it give you outbreaks??????????….. educate me i never knew

  5. @ heinikin He said he had discoid lupus which mostly affects the skin. So there can be outbreaks or inflammation such as hair loss. And it is not acquired immuned it is an auto immune system disease @me too pretty . I also have the same disease.

    1. So sorry about your illness, however i am very clear on the difference between lupus and hiv. What i was trying to say in my coded language is that this man is obviously dying of hiv but instead switched it to lupus in an attempt to stay within the lines of something affecting his immunity.

      1. To be honest looks just like lupus to me. Had a friend die from it and the meds causes some changes to their features that’s similar in many of the patients that take them . My homegirls face looks like his, same shape, darkened skin, puffy jaws etc….. The outbreaks on the skin does occur for many of them. so maybe he has the monster, we do t know but he says he has lupus and that’s what I’ll go with since we have no evidence otherwise. Big up ad RIP my friend from way back Sahai!

  6. Met me late , a peaceful night lady . Now Trina old time man ? Same one from Florida with the ninja that’s why no body no want it in the rap game no more Trina . Disgraceful eat booty yuck .

    1. night oo..i dont think if he had aids n seh a lupus he could do that he would be setting hisself up for jail if him infect anyone

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