1. Met how are you? Have u been tired lately? Check your titles mums or if you have someone assisting you they probably need a editor . This is day two wid error in the post titles.

      1. But MsB u deh yah long time u shudda know a bay mistake from comment to post body to title. Sometimes mi will see and sometimes mi nah go see so when u see it up fi a while and it doe change as long as u see it tell mi..u know mi nuh feel no way bout correction but know u gwine see mistakes depending on how many things mi a do at once..or how mi head working lol

        1. Hi how u doing?????????? Mi think mi a prophet trust me right now is a turban me a go put on n a ppl money mi ago start teck Metsy :siul :siul

          1. :peluk :peluk nuff love yes but mi pree tings all the while man so mi ago tun proppa proppa reada woman lol

    1. di wholllllllllllllllle a dem go do dem runs a jamaica ..big small soft and semi hard dem took it a dat mi hear :hammer

      1. mi no like hearsay eno but smaddy say obeah reach foxxy and deaf har cause dem a protect them man from the yankee rapper dem. woieee

          1. Remember foxy did get sick all of a sudden and how spragga did fi engaged when him did have him badda madda how long and neva lef..all of a sudden him and foxy lef lol no sahhhhhhhhh a yasso nice

          2. We need fi do a series a dem and di past ooman dem a some a di dj dem. Mi a go put up part one tomorrow

  2. mi cyaa find the reply button fi da last comment deh Met. ___________________________________________________________________

  3. Yassssssss anybody memba di swiftness da deh pull-up gwaan with look like dem all witless Foxy cause she no tap go do har hair n runout no pay when di ppl dem done ooooooooo

    1. fi real all a tief out of American Apparrel store. a bear crosses reach har all jail so mi cannot confirm the science but it looking very credible. lol

    1. Bwoy or bwoy, and you know mi always liked her. Don’t know why, I always got this feeling she was a good person at heart, despite how she behaved.
      Yes, Mumma Met, please to do di series.

        1. yes she a trini…but is like dem doe lef eno….tomorrow mi rinse mi haffi go do likkle investigation more pan di man

          1. dem a still good good friend**side eye lol mi have a link wid a interview wid wendy williams pon the radio…she has many mixup claims

          2. lol dem sure is…up to last year spragga was still on har mind but mi a go dash out di mix di blend and di unblended a mawnin

    1. It look like Karen a (think a so she did name r a mixup me me mixup) go inna the bushes of Afreeka fi hers yes ooooooooo there is God :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

      1. anytime foxxy reach yaad she haffi hold har corna cause spragga did live wid him babymodda at the time. so what bout baby cham too :tkp

        1. yes all cham get________________________________________________________ and some adda name u doe know mi gwine put up..she tek out di whole industry

  4. I heard a long time ago that Spragga used her as a beating stick.So she basically use to fly regular to Jamaica to get f!!k and beat.

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