Gd pinky hide mi Id Trinidad the time immigration get up a search bars n casino fi illegal immigrants them go to the drawing board n say if we give them a 6 months working permit most a dem will work pay tax n go back home instead a stay illegal but because them is such a racist self centered country dem no want nobody here treat immigrants like dog if u illegal n try to sort out u papers through lawyers u still have to be careful because most a dem lawyers a thief tek u money n ntg done Jamaicans are their worst enemy over here…. but I want to ask Jamaica prime minster what is Jamaica benefiting from Trinidad dem making over 700 mil per year off Jamaica n u can’t find a sweetie much less bun in then supermarket fi Jamaica only one n two supermarket u can find tin Ackee them say God a trini so no storm or hurricane not coming here as far as mi see Jamaica is the only Caribbean island that see everybody as one we welcome everybody–


  1. We dealing with enough shit. We have the venes coming and is dat. So if yuh eh like we country go home. We eh business

    1. Move u pussyclaat, the sender just sharing what they experience and a real talk Jamaica accept everybody and I don’t know why, we need fi start dish out the same treatment like wah everybody give us

      1. Accept who? Stfu! Trinidad have enough problems with the Venezuelans coming in and I know for a fact plenty Jamaicans living good in Trinidad. So you can hush yuh c&$t

  2. Well when I am in Jamaica I make it a point of my duty to shop Jamaican, even the supermarkets I choose to shop at are Jamaican owned. The only outside Caribbean brands I will purchase is Shirley biscuit and Castile soap, although the soap is now being made in Turkey and don’t smell a damn think like Castile soap, that is a post on its own.

    Too many Jamaicans under a damn spell, dem will cuss everybody but when it comes time for their money to do the talking they have no loyalty. No $1 or $2 price difference can meck me guh shop with any outsiders. You got ppl out here making their own local ppl business go under just fi some paltry savings they claim to be getting. They can’t even see the damn indignity of dem a push dem mout through hole a place dem order with the chicken wire walls in these hellish ‘wholesale’ thinking they getting a service. When mi go mi Jamaican supermarket mi get a smile and a hello, good service, mi can walk the aisles at mi leisure and pick up mi Jamaican made products with brands mi know and trust.

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