Two men, a Jamaican and a Trinidadian, are now in custody as the police probe the gruesome find of a partially decomposed body in an apartment on Whalley Close in Mona, St Andrew.

The police are awaiting the DNA results to establish the identity of the victim. But, it is believed that the body could be that of a teenager reported missing last week.

Gleaner sources said that the Trinidadian, accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself in to the police after the body was found by cops who had been alerted by a neighbour.

“The body was in a bathtub with clear signs that a corrosive substance had been repeatedly poured on it,” said one police source.

“Investigators found bottles of the substance, believed to be caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), in the house. It is believed that the men were using this to try to get rid of the body,” added the police source.

The police source said that neighbours had smelled rotten meat for days and saw the Trinidadian attempting to burn what appeared to be female clothing and braids.

This prompted a resident to peek into the house where what appeared to be a body was seen. The resident alerted the cops who arrived to find the Jamaican in the house listening to music, with the smelly decomposing body metres away.

He was taken into custody where he reportedly told the police that he was waiting on the Trinidadian and was not aware of the body. The police have not released the identities of the two men.

8 thoughts on “TRULY HEART BROKEN

  1. Rip, big sigh, Father God deal wid dem wicked. Dem fi wan dead and can’t dead (demons) they stayed in a home with a dead body. These people are soulless that’s what u call the walking dead.

  2. Living in Trinidad I’m sure it was his plan. They love disposing bodies and using corrosive substances.

    And why Mona always have these messy shit going on

  3. I tell you we are our worst enemy. How can a Jamaican man aid in killing a child of our soil!!! How evil are you to even fathom such a thought. You allowed a stranger to come in my country and hurt one of our own. I’m so f***king angry right now. You’re a traitor to my Country.. a damn house enemy…I’m lost for words..Tears…

  4. Who would have a body hidden in their house and let in someone else to come and sit down? They are both equally guilty, well done to the neighbours.

  5. Well done to the neighbours. I bet these guys are university students. It is indeed sad, very sad. Met please follow up on this story.

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