Hi Met,

I’m sending this to you becuase I’ve seen where on your facebook and pinkwall you’ve been forewarning the people to take Trump seriously.Several commentators, political experts and even Obama himself have been dismissing Trump and downplaying his chances. Well see it here now all the polls are showing Trump in the lead over Hillary. The fact is all sentiments aside she is not a good quality candidate as she is heavily tainted by several scandals. Americans are faced between choosing the lesser of the two evils type of scenario.

Met way back in 1848 there was a guy Zachary Taylor who was by all accounts a non-politician and nut job like Trump.Taylor was so polarizing that when he won the presidency on the Whig ticket it fractured the party and it was from this fraction the current Repub‎lican party was formed.Hence it is not unprecendent for a warhawk,racist,fearmonger to become President.Wake up ppl and stop with the Trump jokes and playing this shyt is real as of now he is WINNING and him even running was once laughable!


Remember the whole Monica Lewinsky affair scandal?Ask yourself if in your view,DiD Hillary handle it properly and if judging from that sordid affair if this is the person yall Americans want/need for President!‎I’m calling it from now Met,Trump is gonna win based on all the friggery him say and do but yet more and more ppl a support him cause.

What can 30mil black ppl and 40mil Hispanics do against 90mil rednecks and 60mil silent racists with the other 80mil white ppl indifferent caring only about their money???Unno stay there nuh mek hay inna backra land and all a who did a skylark and moggle, stay stunting for the gram and nuh mek preparations fi come bk a yard.Unno think white ppl easy? See it rass there, them ready back fi the country them teef from the natives cuz them think we black ppl pass we place and get too uppity.

36 thoughts on “TRUMP IS WINNING

  1. Trump is NOT racist, he just wants better border control
    because of all the things happening right now… Trump is he best thing for America right now, if you get Hillary then there will be a world war 3 and then we will see what revelation is talking about armegeddon… Hillary is a war monger, Yes Trump spoke too loose when he just started to campaign that’s because he didn’t know how to say it in a better way as he is not a trained politician trained to tell lies… The world and America will be a better place with Trump, so black people don’t be fear Trump he is cool with black people. ….

    1. How is he cool with black ppl? He told his supporters to attack blacks who protest at his rallies.Trump even said he will pay their bail if they get arrested.Trump lies all the time are you kidding me?

  2. If only they have just got Bernie in,he makes more sense than all of them combine at this very moment in time.

  3. Are u for real or u heard someone spit this shit u spat up top Trump who has n is begging affiliation with Putin did u know under Putin’s rule there is a law past in Russia against religious liberty did u know that the only reason Putin has not released the wrath of death on so many is because he knows that the US would wipe him out plsssssssss go n read really read n talk to knowledgeable persons before u speak kmt n smh

  4. I’m not au fait with US politics, but I’ve been saying from the beginning with Hillary & Bernie, that the Americans do not seem to like her. I even saw an article some months back where it’s said the secret service did not like her when she was First Lady. This morning I heard one of Bernie’s supporter described her as “a war-hog” (or something like that) & “a liar” who is “bought & paid for by corporate America” & who is “just slightly better than trump”. I don’t know if all of that is true, I just don’t like someone who’s supposed to be a rule maker being an exception taker, as it seems Hillary is with that whole email drama. I mean, why couldn’t she have done the right thing in the first place by using an official email so all the drama wouldn’t have to happen? Everyone else did.

    As for Trump, I do not think anyone should harbour any fear of him becoming President. First thing, he has NO conviction, except for money. He’s not a racist, he’s not a bigot, he’s not a misogynist, he would have to actually have conviction about something in life to be any of those things & he has NO CONVICTION. Except for money. He’s just a greedy, loud mouth man who speaks without thinking, but can easily be swayed one way or the other, as he has proven time & time again during this whole process. Which is actually sad because no one should live like that. Not to mention that his whole life is like a magic show of smoke & mirrors.

    If he becomes President though he won’t just get to do as he pleases, nor will Hillary for that matter. To my limited knowledge the US doesn’t operate like that, but I will stand corrected by persons who live there.

    1. Cindy, Trump is the grandson of a German immigrant (male) and the son of a man with ties to the dark side of American society…the klu Klux Klan fi starters. Trump link to Atlantic city casinos with little tolerance for minorities as vendors,contractors, laborers and consumers.

      The majority of people you see behind him represents the subcultures of old amerikkka. Trump no “cool” with blacks…him just have a tolerance fi dem.

      Lalibela come in pon this…

      1. Phantom, no one, not even his own party, is cool with Trump. But KKK grandfather or not, he has no conviction to be who he was really meant to be – he’s just too greedy for money & hungry for attention to have conviction and be who his heredity meant him to be. Plus, his immigrant brides made him who he is. Do you notice that the American bride didn’t last long, as white & blonde as she was. I’m not saying he doesn’t harbour despicable beliefs & tendencies – he’s just too low of an individual to have conviction about them to be any real threat & that’s why he doesn’t have full favour with his party, because his party needs a true to the core, convicted racist to ensure what they want done gets done.

    2. Trump is not a racist? R u kidding me. If u look up the definition of a racist Donald Trump would be synonymous with that. He’s not just a corporate raider he dislikes ppl of color,yes as a business man he has had to put up the facade as if he likes ‘them but deep down they could disappear for all he care

  5. I don’t give a million blows to the wind about who a suck who fah husband hood and how wife deal wid it!

    Hilary could a get har pussc blow pon, but just smarter than Bill to not let her business out a road.

    Anybody use Bill blow job in a debate about Hillary deserve to be written off.

    Hillary earn her position out right from her own achievements. Cocky wasn’t her life priorities.

    1. True that Phantom! That’s a dumb line of argument, especially coming from Trump was was an adulterer himself. If anything it shows that she can maintain her decorum & dignity & act in a mature manner in extremely difficult situations.

  6. I pity u lot in the US have been brained wash against Putin…. The USA demonise anyone they cannot rule, U don’t know nothing truthful about Putin.. The AMOUNT of lies the US spew on this man, if he was a war monger he would have gone too war long ago… The USA told lies on Gaddafi, telling lies on Assad , told lies on Iraq About WMD… They you lot brain washed, they are institutional racist 3ven with a BLACK president. .. Trump will make PEACE with Putin And STOP INVADING COUNTRIES TO STEAL THEIR RESOURCES… Wake up your brainwashed people… Putin is a VERY GOOD MAN, anything else is lies upon lies fed to you by your brainwash media….

  7. Cindy I think WHO you are has something to do with doing as you please, and if the senate is democratic or republican majority ruled. Bush did way more bs. Obama passed the immagration bill and the supreme court said he didnt have the authority to do so. It’s not supposed to operate like that but it does when it chooses to

    1. Cool. Given how the US likes to portray itself as the standard for other countries it should actually act the part, but then Obama is black. Maybe Hillary being white will make them adhere, but who does the country view more negatively, a BLACK man or a white WOMAN?

  8. OMG! I’m just here watching Amber Rose’s show on Youtube (yes clearly I’m as idle as sand on a beach) & Lil Kim! Good God – she all planet of the apes now. Such a shame.

  9. Tawkchuet Is talking what she know not…
    Do you see Mr Putin invading other people countries? Do you see Putin trying to control every nation… Putin stands up for his people and protects them… Putin was the only country fighting the Terrorists in Syria, USA only acts as if they are doing something, but they really want the terrorist to overthrow Syria as they use the terrorists to do their dirty work… The USA have you people completely brainwashed… they control all the media outlets and the news have to say what they have been ordered to say… and you just swallow it all up believing all the lies… Trump will be a breath of fresh air, Hillary is just the continuation of what is going on but she is far more dangerous as she is very unintelligent…

  10. The only concern I have at this moment about Trump is sending home good people that are illegal here, I don’t think that his focus is only the Mexican people, he will get rid of all illegal immigrants doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, your gone… That means my people and everyone else who came here to seek a way for their family… I just feel he needs to put a handle to it yes because it’s affecting the job market, schools, taxes etc… There needs to be a better system in place for illegal immigrants on a whole…

  11. Michael Bloomberg will endorse Hillary Clinton in a prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, a timely boost as the candidate prepares to accept her party’s nomination for president.

    “As the nation’s leading independent and a pragmatic business leader Mike has supported candidates from both sides of the aisle,” said Howard Wolfson, an adviser to Bloomberg and a former spokesman for Clinton’s 2008 campaign. “This week in Philadelphia he will make a strong case that the clear choice in this election is Hillary Clinton.”

    The endorsement from the former mayor of New York City could resonate with swing voters and Republicans who haven’t warmed to their party’s nominee, Donald Trump.

    Bloomberg, 74, has been critical of fellow New York billionaire Trump and earlier this year mulled an independent run for the White House.
    In a March 7 column explaining his decision not to proceed, Bloomberg cited the risk that he might inadvertently help Trump or Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who at the time was still vying for the Republican nomination, become president.

    “We cannot ‘make America great again’ by turning our backs on the values that made us the world’s greatest nation in the first place,” Bloomberg wrote then, criticizing Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., threats of a trade wars, and “preying on people’s prejudices and fears.” Cruz, he wrote, was also “divisive.”

    There was no immediate reaction from the Trump campaign on Sunday.
    “Given her demographic targets, Bloomberg is good get for @HillaryClinton,” David Axelrod, chief strategist for Barack Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns, said on Twitter.
    It may not sit as well with supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s primary opponent, who has railed against “the enormous political power of the billionaire class.”

    Bloomberg endorsed Obama, a Democrat, for re-election in 2012, highlighting the issue of climate change as well as abortion rights and marriage equality. He didn’t endorse in the 2008 election, and backed Republican George W. Bush in 2004.

    Bloomberg is the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News. He was elected New York mayor as a Republican in 2001 and 2005, and to a third term as an independent. Bloomberg was a member of the Democratic Party before 2001.

    The news of Bloomberg’s endorsement was first reported by The New York Times.

  12. I cant believe some Jamaicans thinks trump not racist how many times he tried to tell barack to go back where he come from, how many times he said barack no born a merica even when the birth certificate came forward him still in denial, the sender trying to say don’t tek it lightly and ki-ki-ki that him cant win cause the ku-ku-klux clan an all others racist old cow grinding farmer got lots a money back him, and all u Jamaicon people who want him win goin get f.. in the rush either friend or family a go home prepare fi go western union if we can



  15. i dont trust Hillary since i had a dream her and i was celebrating her win when we were supposed to leave for the whitehouse and i told her to wait while i get ready. we i came back she was basically leaving me and looked at me with a side eye like i tricked you. My dreams are always on point but i know to some its just a dream.

  16. The Republicans that support Trump, are the less educated blue collar Neo nazi kinda people. And they are very viocal. But there are republicans that would rather walk on hot coals in Times Square naked, than vote for Trump. That man has alienated immigrants, women, black people, Muslims. While forgetting these people vote. They are the silent majority. Their voice will be heard at the polling stations.

  17. Dearest PP we both know they will use the Lewinsky thing against Hillary.However lest ppl forget it ain’t got nothing to do with blowjobs.Bill Clinton was impeached because it was felt that he lied under oath(he did) and made several executive/presidential breaches in covering it up.He was even accuse of compromising Nat Ken Starr report.

    Remember he and Hilary were involve in the whitewater scandal and now there is yet another FbI email scandal now.The recurring theme keeps being covering up shady stuff for Hillary’s accusers.It doan look good!

  18. I really believe the time is right for a woman to occupy the most powerful office on earth…just not Hillary.Well let me put this to you,the ideal candidate ought to be Michelle Obama.Shes gonna run and she oughta win.Mark my words she will be an even better President than Barak!

    Sit out a few years no prob but sure anybody but Trump but just not Hillary cuz she’s gonna rui n it for everybody!

  19. Trump ain’t gonna win.the same polls showed Romney winning 4 yrs ago and McCain 8 yrs ago . So sender go sip on a tall glass of lemonade. :hoax2

    1. Bwoy I hope you’re right but then Hillary is not somebody who I would vote for either.

      Bill had a role in Jamaica’s downfall..I lost so much respect for him when him tek on mi likkle island.

      Sigh…this is a sad time for America. The next four years a go rough. I personally would not vote for either parties if I lived there.

  20. Chump IS a RACIST, he is the blueprint of a RACIST. He is also ignorant and lack world knowledge. With that said, he appeals to the general white middle class. They are high school educated and feel that they should get slave labor again. They just don’t have the balls to say it in public, so CHump says it for them. He will probably win, because all the uneducated whites will vote for him, and GOD knows there is a lot of them

  21. As I read through the topic and the comments I must say that I am appalled at the level of stupidity and lack of knowledge that has been expressed. People we need to educate ourselves, don’t listen to everything that the media says, read and understand. Google is there, use it and read about the history of Putin, Russia, the Monarchy, World War 1 & 2 also the history and accomplishments of both candidates.

    We are all entitled to our opinions but for the people that think Trump is not a racist bully and a bigot must have greater knowledge of his good deeds or have interacted with him on a level that others haven’t. That man is the Anti-Christ!!! I am literally afraid for what is going to come in November with the lack of knowledge and pure stupidity that I am seeing and hearing during this campaign. May God help us all!

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