CNN’s White House correspondent Sara Murray said Wednesday that the White House pulled a “bait-and-switch” with anchors from the network at a meeting on Tuesday regarding the topic of immigration.

“Let’s just change gears entirely and talk about the bait and switch that the president pulled when it came to immigration yesterday. He had this meeting with the anchors, he talked about a path to legal status,” Murray said, according to Media Matters.

“Basically they fed us things that they thought these anchors would like, that they thought would give them positive press coverage for the next few hours. A senior administration official admitted that it was a misdirection play. And you will note that when the president was actually out there speaking to the American public, he didn’t talk about a path to legal status,” she explained.

“He talked about reforming the legal immigration system so it’s merit-based,” Murray said. “That means fewer low-skilled workers, fewer people coming on family ties, more people coming on high-skilled visas. That is still closer to a Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon framework of the world than Gang of Eight, who pushed comprehensive immigration reform.”

Anchor John King said, “Interesting twist, although it does make you wonder, so we’re not supposed to believe what the senior-most official at the lunch says, who then they allowed it to be the president’s name says, we’re not supposed to believe what they say, maybe we shouldn’t believe what they say.”


      1. :travel
        Mi hear the one Rubio run in pan it but mek him gwaan. See di florida people mek him get evicted from him office deh

        1. Dwlnnnnn….that 2 mouth shark. Him sucker in a bunch of blacks to vote by pretending to care about dem run dung housing.

          One of them many years ago was reported to be #1 below the poverty line in the entire U.S. aling with a black church group that has been eating the federal money from it for yearrrrs.

          1. Him have about 50 mouth that Rubio di people dem fine him out man so dem nah ease up offa him.

  1. Pure lies and distractions him playing with people lives tragic the media needs to boycott him I’m waiting patiently for the Russian scandal to bring him to him knees trump is a dangerous man

    1. They say when someone shows who they are the first time, believe them. Dem fi stop mek trump use dem fi toy

      1. It good fi them do articles on what him doing. Good for when him need reminding.

        Clowns wear makeup cause they can’t keep a straight face.

  2. But remember right here in New York we no trump was and is a con artists long time pay magazine to post story bout him and a slew a other things while heap a people don’t respect him cause them no him is a thief lie and same way him a try con the media that’s why the daughter she run to Washington to prop him up him sicken me

  3. Over all, he wants the gullibility of foreigners to come and make him and America richer, while their native country go through a 4th phase of “brain draining”. Hey! Make America great again and ignore you birthright :travel

    The Industrial period, Rebuilding after WWII and the 80s.

    1. Trump dont know what he wants him jus a do. That man nuh have a brain all him study is manipulation so I doubt him really care about building america. He wouldnt know where to begin. His brain nuh capable

      1. Since you say so… it looklike him only read that book that fi we creepy convict diddle with too. Yu know the book, Met.

  4. Trump put pure millionaires and billionaires thinking him can rob America blind but him see that it harder that wat him think him could get away with greed going to kill him greed of power greed of money I hope it bind him ass

    1. Me can’t wait fi see the back of these devils. Is like the movie Omen in real life, in some aspects.

      1. @PP and Met if you both didn’t watch Rachel Maddow on Monday (2/27) watch it on demand. She’s on to something with the Russians and him.

          1. Met mi seyyyy!! It seems like most of the ones her hired ALL have connections to Russia. My gal Rachel putting the pieces together very well!

        1. Rachel, out of every body else very consistent withthe russian link.

          Will catch up on Monday’s missed episode.

          Thanks, Anon

  5. The media,them gave him all the coverage during the campaign. He got more coverage than clinton and sanders COMBINED during the primaries. They never called him out for his lack of policy. Now he is using them for his own agenda,and them is back to wanting to restrict their access to him. They should not cover him live,wait til he finishes his jive talking,then fact check him and call him out of it.

  6. They said with this him tell CNN bout fi seh anonymous source so CNN like a fool get up a praise him speech because him ”leak” to dem…now him sit back a laugh.

  7. But remember when Bloomberg say him no a con a Don was one him was the mayor of New York so u no him get the real goods of him thieving ways if u a good upstanding citizen why u can’t show ur taxes lol Russia if u listening please release trump taxes according to watr him was ordering fi hillary

  8. today a ash Wednesday for us catholics, look ya a wa di raassss a gwan with this liad man, its not funny a schoolyard the man a run, how could he tell such a lie to get attention, ,no met man a 4 years a dis??

      1. Amen Met.I was saying from long time say any person who can file flute bankruptcy then turn his companies in a non profit organization just to evade taxes is corrupt. It’s the smartest form of corruption, but him a get f*ck. The ppl dem soon wake up fully.

  9. I recall one historian for Presidents wentto the goldentowers to do a interview about books him read and a background of who him is the man say trump didn’t make a coherent sentence ask him what books him read trump say Nixon and him couldn’t give the man a good line out a di book him tell so much lie that all him can’t even remember to keep up

    1. My bff would say anywhere trump go him bring two lawyer. That is how lie he is…him mek sure go with double back up.

  10. Lol met a true the dossier way did come out bout him freaky nasty ways I believe every bit of it I remember Dr luke say trump invite them to a party a Florida already and the shit that was taking place with him they got out a there with a piece a slide and say them never witness nothing like that in all them life

  11. Yes Met he’s sooooo dishonest & lie . I truly believe something wrong with trump brain or he just have a ego sickness.

  12. Michael Moore put out a ten point plan how to win back seats and so forth and how to deal with trump and one of the plan is to troll him endless share the snl skits very interesting points he laid out to Google it if interested

  13. Hiya PP!!

    Find* not fine @ Met :maho :malu

    Trump is waging a war against the media n for the moment he is winning. No one is holding him accountable for all the lies.Where are the consequences n fall out?? It’s all inconsequential!

      1. Lol,Yardie is the resident grammar thug roun’ here. MET, the media seems like they are afraid of him.The only ones I’ll watch are those satirical shows-The Daily Show, Samantha Bee, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Other than that I’ll watch Maddow or Bill Maher. The rest really seem to be weak and softening on this sociopath.

  14. Trump is trying to do good for the citizens of the USA and it is sad some people won’t give him a chance…
    All USA citizens will benefit from better wages, better security, less crime a day more jobs…
    TRUMP is NOT lying it is dutty CNN who is the lying bastards cause them shame like dawg after all the lies them tell them still lose, it’s only unintelligent people who believe dutty CNN…

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