0 thoughts on “TUH BLO$%%^&*** NICKI MINAJ SEH LAVISH

  1. But u know I don’t tink Nicki know say Lavish a sell pink cream. Dwllll. I think it’s just the video she find funny an how Lavish a say she look good and har hair fit har. Dwl. Gwaan tru Lavish. Run di pink cream pon di dark skin celebs an mek u millions yah. Lol. A hope Nicki will endorse di ting. Lol.

      1. Ketch up yuh self mumm. Dwllll. Nuh pass out yet cause we need yuh fi post di follow videos cause a now Lavish go turn pink and hype some more. Goodly change har name too. New name fi har…..”PINKY LAVISH”…..I dies. Dwllll.

  2. Met I’m off topic news just in duddus sister house raid in uk two gun find can anyone confirm.

      1. She remind mi of mermaid fi some strange reason. Well right yah now she aguh unfollow nicki and flag it dung :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. U a kill me. Remember she get all up in a di absorption last year when nicki mention pinesol in a di anaconda behind the scenes. Facebook cudden hold she so a dead she dead now dat nicki seh lavish

          1. Well Nicki ain’t about pinesol a pink she seh awoah….extra promotion it just affi pinksuh I hope she nuh bother red yeye di tingshe betta off wid a PINKYEYE

          2. N flawless like her song. I feel nicki did a say lavish from morning n mention pinesol by mistake because terriann did not win that cussing none tall

  3. Not a Terri Ann…..Shani u bloggers dem bad eeen. Dwll. Mi not lying mi love unu from mi heart cause unu stay loyal an mek mi laff alll day. Lol. Bout Terrian. Not a so. Lol.

  4. If I was Terrian, I wouldn’t even open my mouth. You do not stay good! Yuh need fi relax! Yuh tek the girl man and now yuh want tek har hype. Relax yourself young lady. The only thing a gwan fi yuh a yuh daughter. Go truk off! Lavish, continue mad har…

  5. Ah lavish say clean skin that girl skin is mad clean mi ah tell uno so go run n buy yuh Mek
    mi get pink cream, Simone mi try yuh cream n it mek mi face broke out so bad Simone yuh can’t see my money again a lavish cream mi say

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