1. That’s all the bitch do a gu a Ja gu mind young boy wed twin money gal ugly an tan badddd eeee mi bloodclat nooo sah crawny a dan r yu cah find she affi gu Ja gu tek de man dem cuz nuh man ova philly yah nuh wah yu f** out dirty smell bad pussy gal feva walking dead inna Grave ugly nuh bloodclat

  2. U nuh tired a that gucci slippers kmt ugly nuh rass ketch the hair to nuh a pure battyman the fool f**k the lasttime them ketch her a f**k one dung deh flanker people tired a yuh

  3. Omg look at her body especially her arms, she look so sick. She needs to leave Jamaica and get some good medical attention

  4. Uno sound badmind nuh f**k…uno leave the girl alone every day uno deh pone the gal name while uno mam a fuk uno sister so watch uno own business

  5. Kerry tinks shi scare people, roach face.Shi tinks de spirit doctor can save her. Need to use de money pon
    har face hair and clothes.

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