Hello Hi … Twinny please come here I couldn’t help notice that the puss on yuh back looks a lil deformed from the one Robbas did have on. JMG unnu help me out caz I wonder if me alone notice the difference dwl. Me is no fashion expert but a blind mon can spot this one. She brave doh I swear


  1. So a wha!!??Suppose di B wanna be a trendsetter in all tings Chiney..her China doll face, her bags,her clothes ..a wha suh!!???

    Di puss yeyes look a way still but gwaan through Twinny cuz yuh nah affect the price of rice fi me.

  2. i rather Twinny who will wear the fake

    than Robbers who scamming and messing up people credit to buy the real one

    most cant tell

    and fashion is all about trends

    and twinny look good in her clothes (face is another thing)

    so even the fake is following the colors and designs that are on trend

    so gooooooooo Twinny

    Met run the fake designer link again for me


  3. The truth is Twinny looks better in the knockoff so sender u should feel stupid. I always tell people wear what u can afford because the fashion police will send u in. Twinny u look damn good in whatever, stick to the sexy dresses and tights etc because dem love try shame people. It’s no crime if u can’t afford Gucci most of us can’t but it is a crime fi scam and thief. Unno fi learn fi satisfy, the white man brand is going to be the death of u

  4. It’s no shame in buying what u can afford but in Twinny case she acts as if she’s rich and have the most. It’s not like she admitting her stuff are knockoffs. She’s lying and saying otherwise. I feel she looks more better wearing non brand clothing because her shape carry it off. But to do this is not something I can relate because u trying to be something or someone u not. Who boast like Opal and dun ppl like she? Oh pls this is sad on all levels

  5. OPAL YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR FACE WITH A NEUTRALIZING SOLUTION. The acid keeps working months after you’ve applied it. LOOK AT YOU. :mewek2 :bingung :malu2 :sorry :nohope :hoax2 STOP IT NOW. Your face looks raw and painful.

    What will you people look like 3-5 years from now?

    Erica Outstanding try leave your face alone – YOU ALWAYS LOOK LIGHT GREY IN YOUR PICS!

  6. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak di lion look like it slow pan fi har fi true :ngakak why is she doing that.

  7. Ppl saying to leave her alone dumb af.. yes I said it. This ole bruk down donkey.. scam the hardest andvwhen the heffer can’t scam, borrow and tief.. whatever lil money she can find she buys knockoffs and pretend. Bitch stay the f*k home and stop bother people eye with you bunch a f**kery. Plus did dutty gal talk nothing good bout ppl.. she only like you enough to borrow or beg your tings. You think dey bad drag deye a nobody! Mek she move a gwaan go do something other than f**king up hardworking ppl credit in America. Ole cruff…dis low life dog shit gets no mercy. Dem fi stop the scamming. Why she’s worse she a scam n a buy knockoffs.

  8. Twinny always wear fake clothes shoes and bags all her designers are fake it’s either she hide on canal street and think no one sees her buying the fake items or she order it from China direct.everyone knows twinny borrow clothes shoes and bags from everyone she claim is her friends that’s why Tina jetset and Angela jetset always fight her twinny has no friend her pussy is definitely not good for a old woman soon in her 50s because every man she dates f**k her then go back to their wife or duck her everyone in dancehall know she chat priny bimmer for years now Delray stop bringing her to party she’s dependent on priny bimmer to take her back and forth they both look stupid together I saw priny bimmer borrowing twinny fake eyeglasses to take picture in party twinny plastic body looks like the mileage is fully ran out her body is worn down priny bimmer twinny talk about u like a animal

  9. DH girls Thai use ppl fi ride. Twinny, Natalee 106, Nyoka It look so bad. Twinny stress out Delroy now she a stress out Prinny. Eveynight stinkin liad and wicked Natalee beg food money n ride the gal is a walking disgrace the red boy wey she did a f*k say she have no ambition and he can’t deal with her dirty hoggish ways. Nyoman she beg all the cameraman dem fi ride I mean everybody. This clown be throwing champagne on niggas like she got it like that…a day she use an fool man fi mek dem think she have money (lmao) Still a kotch a her momma yard and won’t pay bills.. use all her likkle Zara money fi mine man n buy n bring back and tief clothes. Plenty more a dem in a DH flossing and living like real bums. Disgraceful set a low living females. How you fi wear designer clothes , bag n boot n don’t have wheels. Unno go buy a bicycle n stop stress out ppl . Cruff!!!

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