12 thoughts on “TWINNY DIS IS 50 SHADES OF PINK

  1. It’s the lightening, Met, the lightening of the venue coupled with the light from the flash… She looks pained LOL

  2. The pink from the belly part is her actual color that baby rat looking color but what happens is when you bleach for such a long period Of time and you have that shade you have to use some kind of skin tanning lotion, not (sun block) to make your face,neck,shoulder your breast and any part of your body that you going to expose to the public. if she wears short shorts she going to put on the skin tanning on to have that bronze look that the white girls go to the beach to get.that bronze look is shades darker than rat effect. that red effect in the belly that’s not realistic but it’s her reality. she don’t want the public to see that. natural brown girl don’t have that complexion so they have to tone it down and make it seem more appealing. Not even white girl with freckles all over them skin with red red red hair don’t have that shade. strawberry milk complexion. She actually created a problem by trying to delete another problem, her black skin tone. that money and energy that she’s wasting.

  3. Mi no know wah unnu call “looks the best” wen Twinny fava wen donkey a strain fe move him bowel. NONE a dem no look good inna daylight. Stop mek dem ductile body females ya feel seh dem a do someting good, dem need fe invest inna dem brains, all a dem dunce like kakapo.

  4. But it look like none a dem wah a goh hard fi name brand noh have papers cause u neva si dem fly out goh no wey REALLY smh

  5. Look how di white man Mek dem hate dem beautiful black skin oh gosh! Sometimes mi feel it fi dem.. go easy pan dem. Mi ask wah bleachers wah day why yuh dweet…. and di poor ting say all Jesus white so why mi nuffi white tuh… Oh gosh mi say likkle trikkleings a tear fall from mi eye

  6. Two words “Frankenstein chicks!” Damm she wakes and looks at what shes done to her skin everyday so sad man. Hence all the bronzer to get back some of the color she stripped from her skin. Really sad and kinda sick when you think about it. I love my brown skin! I thank God for what he blessed me with naturally. That’s probably why she can’t keep man. Cause once them see her naked in the light, with no makeup…it’s a rap.

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