Mi wah kno if is Popcaan a mad di twin or she juss feel like she affi show di worl seh she prove dem wrong. Dem claim seh dem “humble and no frighten fi tings” but every day dat Dem yeye open dem a show seh dem have dis and dat from dem strippa money.

Mi nah lie still mi have a different respect levels fi dem, cause somebody ah steer dem in di right direction. From mi see dem pan Teacha’s Pet mi di think dem was lowest of scum bucket. After Teacha’s Pet dem reinvent dem self and start invest ina assets and also stick to a cause besides di hoodrat life. I’m happy they did a 360, but I still can’t believe dem so young and look soo ole.

Mi juss wah dem know seh money cah buy man especially a man dat neva wah you. She a show house and $$$l saying it’s “his loss”. Did she ever stop and think seh maybe di man cah angle fi har type of living and maybe him shame fi claim har up. It also looks like her and her sis kinda had a rift between them, they are not as close as they use to be. It is sad, I just hope it wasn’t ousiders influencing that or the almighty dolla. I loved how they stuck together but it’s apparent they are on different pages now.

0 thoughts on “TWIST MI TUN MI …………..RUB MI DUNG AND PET MI…???

  1. Mi sick a dem ya now. I don’t know which one a di hungry belly lickey lickey man dem dung a Jamaica piss har off. From week she a kill dem wid libbaty pon Instragram. How dem brukk and hungry, a she feed dem, She meck more money ina 1 hour ah Jamica than weh dem meck inna year. Alll now me cah stop laugh, cause somebody affi tell har seh di money weh she meck a Jamica was nutten. dwl.
    Mi notice har twin no too inna di yawd man dem, cause she mussi did wah one fi bow and it wasn’t happening. She write up bout anybody weh a fukk she affi sukk she. She a gwann like har cooppa hole is worth platinum treatment. The only thing dem good fah is dancing or stripping and dem badddd pan it, otha than dat dem fi teck weh dem self and stop gwann like dem a smaddy.

  2. Nah lie love dem but dem to boasy an show off is like them say dem humble bt we affi kno everything thing dem ah do like dem wah praise cus dem ah invest dem money, No that what u suppose to do, Anyways come like she ah f**k poppy n NY did a f**k tommy lee n him never wah wat di box food lol woiii! Who piss off future? My girl the JMD u ah boast bout ave no value all now u nuh show di car weh u claim u buy $1000 USD a nuh money an ur balance ah $500 heyheyyy u ah show the world bout 3 bank account $1 can keep account open anyway den talented yes bt make your money do the talkin u too hype settle nuh n future look better than NY, bt NY will mash up future show anyday.. HUMBLENESS IS KEY

  3. I don’t think them own everything them have sometimes it’s something called rent of friend know a friend but them a things lied best believe that

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