Two children among seven killed in Westmoreland

Two children have been counted among the dead in Grange Hill, Westmoreland after rival gangs left a trail of misery and fear in two communities on Tuesday.

Seven persons were killed in attacks in Sterling, Top Lincoln and Fullers Field.

Seven others are nursing bullet wounds.

Three houses and a motorcar were firebombed.

Rival gangs

Superintendent Gary McKenzie, head of the Westmoreland police division, told RJR News conflicts among rival gangs, “resulting from activities such as scamming which had gone awry,” were at the heart of the attacks in Grange Hill.

“We continue to do our work on the ground; we really want to reassure the citizens that we’re committed to going after the persons who are committing these crimes, but we have to get the information,” he said.

There’s a heightened police presence in the community, he said, as they seek, not only to prevent more attacks but to arrest the perpetrators.

Superintendent McKenzie said the reprisal attacks occurred while the police were still in the community responding to the first attack in Sterling.

He conceded that the community is difficult to monitor due to the nature of the landscape.


  1. My condolences to the family of the innocent victims.

    What in the world is going on in sweet sweet Jamaica?????????? The heart of man is becoming so wicked. Jesus take this case and the many others that are known to the public.

    This is pure evil running wild in the lives of our Jamaican ppl..

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