A brother and sister have been charged with the murder of three teens and a thirty-five year old man . Sabrina Currier and Jermaine Turner aka Blacks have been charged with the murders. Currier , 21 is a bar-made is charged with accessory to the fact and receiving stolen goods when she was found in possession with one of the victims cell phone. Her brother, Jermaine Turner was was charged with murder, shooting with intent and in possession of a firearm. Robbery was said to be the motive of the murders and another suspect is still at large…


  1. I am hoping for a day to come when these murders will receive the same hurt they put others through.

  2. over phone??? jesus they could have spared their livess!!!! even if a fi beat dem up but why take them life and also the man in the yard why why why dem fi lock up all a dem :berduka

  3. Si di lickle yute an yuh waan rob phone yow dat a sum`n weh mi cyaan condome ( in my kartel voice)

  4. Prison is no deterrent for these criminals. If there’s anything I despise is a petty criminal. To slaughter kids for their cellphones shows a level of barbarity that’s incurable.
    What they need to do is turn them over to the members of the community to determine their fate. Until they are publicly slaughtered in like or worse manner than their victims, this will not stop.
    The civility of a judicial process is too humane for Jamaica. The little island is too vile and plagued with too many murderous psychopaths to relegate them to courts. Do like the Arabs do. Take them in the town square and let the villagers render justice.

  5. Robbery how much can children have that a grown ass man would need to rob them. Like come the f**k on is this what it really comes down too, grown men robbing children and killing them. These bastards have no soul. Look a job do whatever else but killing children for things that are what, what can you get for the stolen items, how much money can you get at the pawn shop.

  6. Son them to catch them all the time cell phone you a kill for. Come on. Is a cheap phone I got and I love it. Every one will get their chance time and patience.

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