Met, mi si a lickle feud a bill inna ATL an mi waan kno a what a gwaan. A who Peeta Pak a trow wud pan. A wha happen wid him an him ExMedia/Ovadiwall fren dem cause di whole a dem use to do party together but it luk like Pak a dis dem pon Facebook. Dem ave di Reggaescene award di week before him pawty an Ovadiwall win best promoter suh it look like him a carry belly an a sey him nuh do party fi trophy. All of a sudden him a big up Webba but before di last party him did a tell people sey Webba nah gi him nuh money or help him wid promotion. Him sey people a badmind him. It look like him did all dis Dovey a him party when Lisa Hype dis ar him mek dem tun off mic pan ar now him a big up Lisa Hype pan Facebook and Dovey like idiat a like him post.


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  1. Mi leave ATL a few years now and mi don’t know who Pak is, me know Ova Di Wall and Webba. When mi use to deh dung deh dem pink and white affair use to be di biggest ting suh mi vwoulda gi dem promoter a di year. Di last one mi guh dem all have ice sculpture. Mi look pan di picture dem an mi nah si nottin good a ATL nuh more

  2. Mek Pak move him bloodclaat. Nobody na badmind him. Di f*#%er just Nuff suh. Low Di youth dem a long time dem a do dem ting and nah bother nobody. Especially Dutty , him suh humble and support everybody. Big up Sean Priceless to.

    1. Ah true Ukubit, mi rate Sean Priceless and D Dutty to the max cause dem man deh a real big man and dem is very very humble and very respectful. Pak ah mi fren as well, but of lately him head a swell and don’t seem to be as humble as he once was. One thing I will say about Pak though is he love him some damnnn high wata pants, all day every day. Ah hope them can sawt out them differences and jus get along cause it ain’t even that serious…

  3. Pink n white flop 2 years now n wen pak cum on da promo pink did sell off big up pak every party u keep shot

  4. These guys have been doing this for years, they are a strong team. When they do annual parties together they sell off and in the same time they keep there individual ones and gwan good. It would be a shame to see hype and fame tear dem apart. As for pak he must always remember today for you tomorrow for someone else. Atlanta will always be the same when you join together and successful people talk about you

  5. Everybody know sey di only reason why Pak party dem sell of a true 3/4 a di people dem go in free. Him kiss everybody ass but a nuh him Di people dem like a di freeness .

  6. jah know mi disappointed star. Dem youth yah did a do big tings together. If mi neva si dis wid mi own eye mi wouldn’t believe. why di man don’t si dung wid him fren dem and work tings out. u caan a air out yuh laundry pan facebook. Pak mi tink u did different star. mi hope unu work it out.

  7. The big nose man look like him is a bed room bully ” u see how him tall black & ugly cock fe kill yes met soo we love them ugly man !

  8. Blessed good evening Met and all others.
    Quick question..Is Dawnie & Webba still the power couple of the ATL?

  9. @Lysol a true mi neva si PAK do a party by himself. Him build him hype off everybody else an him tek all the credit fi himself. A di lickle young gal dem weh him a buy a fly up inna him head.

  10. This old man swear seh he is the best dressed in atlanta and the likkle fool fool gal dem nuh stop boops him out. When I go to his party it used to be him and the same group exmeeia/ova di wall ah promote parties together but then him leave them and go link up with these young boys cause he didnt want them to outshine him but I knew the rest of the team before I heard of him and support there dances for along time. I guess pak own fame is what will be his downfall cause you must humble my youth.

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