30 thoughts on “UB PAN DI FINGERNAIL

  1. Metty OO, mi hear sey Usain a come back a JA todayyyyy. Kasi kno why she run go put it pon di nails this past weekend. Mi glue to yasso fi see di poppyshow when him land

  2. Kunomunuh gal kasi f**k the bredda and want to be wife da gal nuh have no shame mi know bolt nuh want har mi never see them pon vacation yet or out on date yet plus bolt nuh give her nothing mi sure a day. Idiat gal kas. Met yuh need fi drop the bomb :ngacir2 i

    1. So is not him pay her rent, bills and upkeep? How she support herself then? Him caan mean so wid ongle birthday and christmas gifts?

    1. SMH, why everyone think a she carry the power bout don’t leave you man. Who is to say Usain won’t leave her?

  3. stay wid who? after all them disrespect deh? Y’all bitches must think everyone as cheap and frightened as y’all. a that happen when yuh nuh like wuk and yuh mada never teach yuh how fi value yuh self. Mi wudden deh wid Bolt in the fuss place much less fi leff cause feet gross mi out so them talons deh weh him have attached to him ankle cudden cross my dorrway much less reach inna my bed. Bolt frighten and immature too, everyweh him see camera him kin ketch a fire so him start doing the most. Mi see Bolt get throw out of Quad one night couple years ago cause him wudden stop f**k wid ppl woman like him nuh used to nothing. Why would I want a man weh mi affi a try keep under wraps like a mi son? gwaan from yassuh yaa.

  4. So wait deh a nuh she a drive? A di passenger side she deh? Or bolt send the money fi she buy the car weh she always a tell her friends dem bout Dwl. This girl nah change she don’t care bout no work a just bolt to her ting. Met you see how we did shame bolt how him did go kiss and date the white lady? And u see how fass bolt lef har? Met you really think bolt would sit down and mek dem shame him fi kasi? But look how she decently sit down a tek the shame. Mek dem a drag har name through mud. Man clown kasi

  5. Don’t leave your man? Bolt claim her? At lease when the American celebrities do them dirt they do it unobtrusive. An if it come out. They issue a public apology and they find a jeweler in most cases anyways.

  6. Then what unnu expect? I’m not surprise by this, dem so called woman (groupie) yah nuh have nuh shame, all dem care bout a fame and money. Weh yuh tink she a guh and more money fi mek.

  7. Mr bolt look like him love the threesome bad.Kasi you’re ain’t that special if what the lady said in the interview with The sun is true.

  8. We are not Americans. We forgive each other and save our relationship.
    If two people have a deep feeling for each other,why should they care what strangers think ?

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