Met this dutty stretch out hole old gyal kiki nuh stop walk & suck uncle cocky fi party promotions she huh stop hide and f**k him clean up batty kiki thru me nah bloodclatt suck uncle Hood yuh an lean Stacy nuh stop lick out batty fi fame kotten nuh bloodclat wah unuh him chat Stacy like dog scurmige Stacy an kiki stop suck uncle from back fi hype cah unuh hole nuh good unuh affi tek f**k in a batty fi uncle wah u uncle Neva f**k my batty all when him ask me fifty more time


  1. I guess sender wanted everyone to know Uncle Kottenelle love fe shove him cocky inna batty? Me no know but sender you need fe go to the doctor causen seh if him grind next gyal inna dem battom an den shove him cocky inna yuh hole an mouth, yuh need to get checked ASAP ma!

  2. Kiki, Stacy, Nyoka easy unnoself. The man love to f**k and go thru. Unno mek likkle drug money frighten unno! Sender he loves all the girls and stalks them too. So senda a plenty more women u gonna have to cuss.

  3. Where’s wifey Cashana??? Any given day night & party,Uncle has at least 7 different wifeys around.Uncle don’t want none of you DH freaks. Trust, Uncle has his good good smart woman with a good job hidden away. She doesn’t hang out. All of you women are just doing the bs that he doesn’t want his good good woman to do.He has a little respect for her

    1. You sound dumb bitch she clearly don’t respect herself if she with a nigga that sleeping with half of dutty Bronx

  4. Teea my love if that’s respect and love that’s sad. No amount of reckless love and respect can cure disease. He puts that girl at risk everyday. Very sad. Wake up ladies!!!!! It’s not worth it!!

  5. kiki love f**k too much ,dutty gal stop call the man name ,f**k dem kotton ,rayyyy , stacy have to suck him met she don’t work, she home she and her cousins

  6. Women get 2 common a careless, no house not buying, no bills not getting paid. I’m lost shoes and likkle clothes, and likkle after u cry and say if me did know. We continue to sell ourselves short, go and find something to do before it’s 2 late

  7. Who Kiki Nuh f**k and suck Kmft that bitch need to go get her papers and a life mon just walk and a f**k down the place so no Sah

  8. Mi seh uncle have a piece a bloodclaat wood. The last time him f**k mi, a 3 days mi stay inside mi house. Mi hole mash-up.

    Nah lie, boy wood big and him can suck pussy good.

    Mi hear sey him a f**k dave lexus now.

    Dave how you managing Uncle’s wood?

    1. Im asking you kindly fi either be Jamaican or Trini. Twice now u comment seh u a trini and cuss we. Pick a stuggle cause what u did was not nice

  9. Uncle have a bitch him beat like crazy that run a day care on rich ave. gyal stay bad and belly big like she nyam nuff belly. Uncle not leaving him baby mother so all the upscale and downscale gyal weh a suck him hood just doing it for a hype little weed money n Mo√ęt Ina dance

  10. So wa kinda gud up gud woman woulda really want smady wa a f**k out batty,yuh tink him nah return the favor by licking out the other gal dem batty.

  11. Now dem wha tun the boy inna batty man!! Unno good sah! Smfh… Always a bc serious hater out there. Yes he’s a serious f**k boy but batty man unno too good.. If a lie unno a tell fyah bun!

  12. uncle is no batty f**ker a big kiki hole big and his dick miss lol, as for stact u mek video wid old gal tina jetset , the same time u plan fi call uncle fi di rent , and u mek tina f**k u up, just continue tek lando yes lando

  13. His entire circle no good !!!! They All suck and f### any and everybodyyyyyyy they all live off of women smh why bother with them they don’t have anything going on in life they live in the damn club who wants a man that live off women and f### and suck any and everybody ???? HYPE ? Some of uno need to wake up do they not know HIV Is real , these dudes don’t even have a 401k nothing !!!!! I’m talking about his entire circle they all waste man !!!!! And no one pushing dope anymore like that but the Feds themselves big up to pink wall for brining some of these lames to the light rather it be true or false I’m % it’s some truth to it lol let these waste men go …99% of the men in the dancehall scene from the Bronx full of sh#t literally undercover batty

  14. Long time Tina and lando deh all when the bleach out body gal who truck him use to drive Tina live in deh him all tell Tina say how the gal body nuh look good when she naked i tell you bout den boy.no in a Tamara shop and c londo come to Tina

    1. But a beautiful woman like Maria , why would she mix up herself with Uncle. Mi caan belive this, dem seh dem ah hotgal an deh wid him. Uncle nuh want her she muss si dat by now, same goes for the other one name Stacey

  15. Sender it sound like a true him f**k off everybody and don’t wa f**k you it hurt you nastiness bitch bye Only a try look a hype just like d rest a dem desperate gal dem unu come off a d boy name unu bruk n ugly

  16. Uncle f**k everyone/anybody he treat everyone the same but when is dick call for a specific person that’s the 1 he want to f**k that day or night.
    Lovies u all get stalk, treated the same way,u all meet his family on IMO and all treated like wifey
    So not 1 of you is special more than the other and if you keep calling or IMO him and he’s not answering Lovies he already pick a person and he’s occupied until he’s done then u will get his attention
    Hush Lovies but welcome u all to the family….

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