Dear Met,

You ever hear old people saying unfair game play twice and wondered what it meant?I will explain it like this ok.I met this catty online and yuh done know how we flow, so in the blink of an eye she claimed she in love and making plans to visit. We planned on staying at a decent hotel and to my immense surprise she offered to pay for it all.I made a counter offer that she can come stay at my house and save a ton pon more than her car insurance. She was like nooo I got you baby I got this, I got us.I said alright baby Do your thing.

I get a text few days later where she was saying her jamaican best friend was saying I should pay half of the hotel fee and pay to fly her in yaddi yaddi ya.I knew something wrong so I did my research and sure enough I found out what time clock a strike at night. She came to me bout her fren was coming with her to Jamaica and they were staying at the fren house in the West. I played along and sey kool. They fly in and after about the 2nd day I get a frantic call from home girl.

She was saying that her fren and her cousin was cursing in Jamaican language and she didn’t understand a word they were saying. All she could make out is all these different types of cloths,bbcloth,puciecloth and she ran out of there because she was scared for her life. She had booked a hotel in new Kingston and wanted me to come stay with her.Met mek me tell you what really happened ok cuz mi do mi investigation and got to the heart of the matter. Her fren got envious that home girl love off mi flex because she made arrangements for her own cousin to get with home girl because his unemployed street corner hanging beggey beggey arse would get a sugar momma.

All hell bruck loose Met when the cousin see inna real life how fat and taller than Shaquille o Neale home girl is.Naturally him start cuss his cousin that she style and diss him fi carry she, but she cussing back defending not so much her friend,but if him want good his nose have to run concept! She reached town and me just kept on making excuses why me can’t see her. Finally me just end up telling her that me a flex with my girlfriend. Yuh done know my style that me wasn’t going nowhere in spite the crying voice mails and numerous calls ;she lucky! !

Warning to some of the foreigners who think unno can use money to buy away your insecurities and think the locals nuh have standards. Look how she had a man who accepted her for her and never a pree her money because me is a fiesty independent working man.But noo yuh mek ur fren line yuh up on hype wutliss man.So Met if him so wutliss and a refuse her ,what the “$#@/^claat me a pick up that pon my head??Now she and her fren know what it means by unfair game play twice and hopefully I was able to explain it to you too via this true story.

14 thoughts on “UNFAIR GAME PLAY TWICE

  1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    You sure “Shaq” was all XX? :ngakak

    Tell dem yah me friend…standards to we thing all when we no have much. All unemployed beggars standard high :ngakak

  2. I don’t understand why you lost interest all of a sudden before even knowing the details of her visit prior to her calling you?

    1. I found out her friend was setting her up with the cousin. I know the cousin very very well. He hangs out next door my house. The same girl, what are the odds.

  3. You lost interest because she wasn’t up to your physical ‘standards’ either. Sounds like you looking a green card to.

    1. We video chatted for more than 3 months, night and day. I always tell the women I meet I have no plans to leave Jamaica nor do I want to. I’ve never had green card issues and because of my family, I never will.

    2. Dear Anon,

      I don’t discriminate against women looks. All cats’eyes glow in the dark. I am a equal opportunity lover of all women because at the end of the day, porkie a still pork right??

  4. U really mek d woman come a yard fi some sunshine cocky n nuh get none? Unnu eva tek in een the ripples pon a big girl when u a beat it? Jah know hush home girl know u did waah exp the yard daggah lol

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