This can’t be ‘Wright’! – Children of former Falmouth mayor evict his widow from matrimonial home
Hyacinthia Wright opens the door to the shop she now calls home.
Mark Titus, Gleaner Writer
Western Bureau:
After being married to the former mayor of Falmouth, Joseph Wright, for half of the 40 years they had been together, 68-year-old Hyacinthia Wright is now facing a life of uncertainty after, as she puts it, “being cast aside like an old rag by his children”, some of whom she helped to raise.
Following the former mayor’s death last October, his children have asked his widow to leave the house she shared with him, and now she is sleeping at a premises which operates as a shop during the day.
“I am gutted, because over these years, we had no quarrel up to the time their father passed away,” Mrs Wright told The Sunday Gleaner last week.
“I was their mother away from their (biological) mother. We never had any problem like stepmother and stepchildren usually have … I saw them as my children,” added the distraught widow who is called ‘Miss Little’ by friends and family.
According to Mrs Wright, after her husband died from natural causes at the age of 85, the relationship between her and his four adult children broke down as they decided they wanted her out of the house, which she said she had encouraged him to place in his will for them.
Mrs Wright, who has spent years working in the hospitality industry, met her husband in the early 1970s when he returned to Jamaica after spending several years in England.
After they established a relationship, he purchased property and constructed their first house on Victoria Street in Falmouth.
He went back to England in 1974 and returned to Jamaica a few years later, with three of his four children in tow.
With the consent of Mrs Wright, the children, who were about the primary-school level at the time, started to live with the couple.
“I can’t tell you that of all the years that we have had an argument or a contention, we did not have a bad relationship,” said Mrs Wright.
“I took the best care of them from high school to college … there were no other family members but me and Mr Wright.”
The widow told The Sunday Gleaner that she was responsible for her husband becoming a member of the People’s National Party and eventually councillor for the Falmouth division. He went on to serve as mayor of Falmouth for 17 years, before retiring from representational politics in 2003.
Additional property
With things going well financially for them in the late 1980s, the Wrights decided to purchase an additional property in Hardy Pen, located on the outskirts of Falmouth.
“This was where we decided to build our dream house … we felt it was also perfect for the children when they came on vacation, because by then they had all returned to England,” explained Mrs Wright.
“Mr Wright and I put hands together to build this house, no help came from the children, they did not lift one gravel,” she charged.
Prior to her husband’s death, and not certain which one would die before the other, she said she encouraged her husband to make his will and give that house to the children.
“The will states the house is for the children and everything in the house belongs to me,” said Mrs Wright, as she argued that the understanding was that her things were not to be molested until she was ready to take them out.
“I agreed for it to go this way because I knew that if he passed on before me, I would not want to stay there all by myself.”
However, following her husband’s death, Mrs Wright was given a one-month non-negotiable ultimatum to leave the former matrimonial home.
She was subsequently locked out of the house, forcing her to live in her shop, which adjoins their first home. This property has been rented to a state agency for several years.
In a letter dated February 26, 2014 and signed by all four children, the executors of the estate was told that the children planned to take action to ensure that Mrs Wright vacate the house.
“It appears that the wife of our late father (Joseph Wright), who is a guest in our Hardy Pen dwelling, has no intention of relocating to 19 Victoria Street (the rented property),” the letter stated.
“With this in mind, and you powerless or reluctant to address the situation, we need to take action,” said the children in the letter.
It continued: “It is our intention to start refurbishment of the property from 31 March 2014. Therefore, please advise our guest to carry out the following by the 28 March 2014, relocate to the en suite bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom; remove furniture and fixtures given her from the property.
“Anything left in the property beyond the given date will be deemed surplus to requirements and disposed of as we see fit.
“Our guest has refused dialogue up to this point, therefore, these instructions are non-negotiable.”
Former politician angered
The development has angered one former high-ranking Trelawny politician, who has been friends with the Wrights over the years.
The former politician, who asked not to be named, said he thinks Mrs Wright was an integral part of the success of her late husband.
“She was the architect of all his successes and his popularity,” said the one-time member of parliament. “It was through her connections that he was introduced into politics … most of his achievements over a great political career was as a result of her contribution.”
When The Sunday Gleaner accompanied the distraught widow to check on her belongings at the Hardy Pen property recently, she was allowed access to only a small washroom, where household items, her personal belongings and memorabilia of her life with the late mayor are packed up.
The washroom had an unbearable stench as unplugged refrigerators contained rotten meat, which was covered with maggots.
“I had a good life with my husband for 40 years, and now I am treated with indignity,” lamented Mrs Wright. “I have no access to my clothing, our personal stuff, or the things that tell the story of our life together … I was with him the night before he died. The last thing he said to me at Hope Medical was take care of yourself, I love you … you really take care of me.
“If my husband and I knew that this foolishness would take place, I would not have agreed to do it (the will) the way we did, but I encouraged it because, for me, family is family,” said Mrs Wright.
Faced with the prospects of being shut out of the house that she helped to create over four decades, Mrs Wright is preparing to mount a legal challenge against the children she once cared for.
Efforts to get a comment from the children through the executor, Carlton Gordon, have so far been unsuccessful.
However, Gordon told our news team: “It is a family matter, I really don’t want to comment … I think the family should come together and settle their differences.”


  1. Good morning ,what set of heartless cold and damp like England wicked f**ka dem that’s why me not contributing to no step pickney, me and dem is nothing, them did sneakingly despised the woman in them dutty heart.

  2. And I wanna cast a bet that they would probably visit jamaica maybe once or twice a year, dem woulda rather it lock up than have this woman live in there. But this is Jamaica and Falmouth at dat, a waan a hurricane come an wreck dat shot as soon as dem fix it up and mi waan theif tek dung tuh di very tile dem lay dung in dey. Dem heart dutty bad.

  3. This is unfortunately the case with a majority of step-children. Most step-children are always bitter of the relationship of their biological parent with someone else. Even when they are treated with fairness it often result in something that is missing on their part.

  4. Thnk goodness since High School and he came with no kids and the Prenup has a no illegitimate children clause. Does Jamaica recognize wills ad if so why wasn’t one put into place to avoid this? Heartless mucky grown ass kids!

    1. Read the article again, its the recognition of the ‘will’ that has resulted in this. of course Jamaica recognizes a will, how backward yuh tink wi be?

        1. You know my question was not meant that way, I did not get a chance to read all of the article and for that I am wrong in commenting first but given the Homosexual law and how it is being handled, I ask about the laws of the land.
          :kr When a rich ni$$a want’cha……oooohhhhh…..

  5. What i gather from this is that her name is not on the title for the parcel of land, because if it was they could not evict her. SMH, I dont live in Jamaica and we have property there and a family member that we dont even like live there, but neither my brother, mother or myself would even think of telling to leave the place.

  6. It seems that she encouraged the husband to put the kids name in the will, which I really dont find far fetched esp. if she thought she had a good relationship with them. Dont worry Mammy, Karma will get them, destroying their soul and your good will over house and land. Hope she wins in court.

    1. Di article shoulda name out every last one a dem make dem shame…dem tings ya hurt me enuh. Mi nuh like wish bad pon people an dem tings, but I hope if they are allowed to keep the house that it bun right dung to di grung di day dem get it.

  7. What a wicked set of scoundrels! People often talk about wicked step mother but fail to realized many step children, irrespective of how well they are treated, retain a level of bitterness towards the step-parent usually blaming the demise of their parents relationship on the step-parent.
    The money from the house shall be sorrow to their souls.

  8. I am a step-child and my step-dad and I have a very good relationship. If he and my mother broke up, he would still be a part of my life.
    She can contest the will. I do not know her financial means, but she should seek legal representation. People contest wills everyday and win, if they were fool-proof you would not be able to contest them.

    1. Esp. if those properties where acquired during their marriage ( which it seems so ) she might have some grounds to win the case.

  9. What a difficult situation, contesting this sounds arduous. Well you cannot go backwards but wouldn’t it have made more sense to leave the home to this lady and upon her demise to the children…..who agree’s to cut themself out of their home, sad!

    1. She said she did not plan to stay in the home after his death that’s the reason she told her husband to leave it to them. She thought they would let her stay as long as she needed to and her things would stay until she can get them.

      1. Oh so then there is no problem here aside from the step kids being cold in their wanting her out rapidly, in the article above it says they want her out of the dream house but she can relocate into the other (rental) property.

  10. Dem too wicked to the poor lady, weh she cudda duh dem suh fi dem wah put out a 68yr old old woman fi fend fi harself. It is confirmed by a close family fren that this woman was a good woman to her hun=sband, his back bone in making him who he was, if yuh read yuh realise say this man marry her young, guh weh and come back wid 4 pickney weh annuh fi him and she tek care a dem fi yrs, both him and dem…and a the thanks this she get.
    The world really nuh right, dem nuh know seh when dem duh dem things yah dem aguh feel it, if not them dem generation…the most dem shudda come duh fo har a get har one live-in nurse come tek care a har and mek sure she nuh inna nuh wants…fi see dem a wait and a bleach fi d father dead fi come tek the place.

  11. This is why I don’t want no step Pinckney as soon the pupa dead them start handle the woman….no matts how u try with step Pinckney most time u cyan win cuz them think a ur fault y them umma n pupa no Mek it. All when them know say them parent wud nt be happy together them still a give the next person headache. Poor soul I pray she will overcome these wicked ppl.

  12. This is the heights of cruelty..As smaddy say uppa top, dem shoulda list all a dem name, one by one mek dem shame..This woman made her husband put these scumbags as soul beneficiary, thus cutting herself out of the will and this is how she was repaid?? i wish di raas house bun dung to ash when dem get it, dem wicked beyond words…if a me, me gas it long time and none a dem nasty raas gets nothing from it..this anger me badly…

  13. This is the heights of cruelty! Even though a will typical supersedes everything she surely can contest it …..smfh damn dutty step pickney

  14. What ah evil set ah pickney dem!!! Mi still nuh understand har rationale as tuh why shi mek di husband put dem name pon di will as beneficiary without ah clause weh state shi fi lib deh as long as shi want. Mi nah blame har cah di pickney dem evil baad.

  15. afternoon met and meters I can tell u about step children no mater what u do u the worst and these here a cold hearted

  16. funny thing me watch a similar story like this pan tv…di pickney dem did glad when dem fada fine di new woman cuz dat mean dem wudden haffi a tek care a him an dem can live dem life…di man turn up missing…no trace a him an when dem declare him legally dead di kids dem tell di woman she haffi leave…dem is some wicked set a kids…dem goodas neva have constant contact wid dem fada…di man an woman live fi how much yrs..how dem feel ina dem self fi a put har out…I cudden do dat.. smh


  18. @Mzbee, i was watching a series juss like this on Investigative discovery…All now di fada is nowhere to be found and dem declare him dead. Di pickney dem ready fi fling out di stepmada a road, but she an dem a court house…these stepkids are extremely heartless. @Met, i hope u keep this pon u site fi a while, mek pple chat bout it and mek it spread so di jancrow dem can shame!!!!!

  19. 68 yr old where dat woman a go get d money, time, strength n lawyer fe contest will when she seem so poor n destitute. N memba jamaica is no farin where seniors have nuff services. Po ting d woman soon dead wit fretration choo d pickney so lib bad dem shoulda shame a demself…

  20. hello met, how are you? It would seems as if this woman has the right to the entire property or at least to half of the property. She was married to her husband for a number of years which would have entitled her to a portion being his wife and living with him. If she had helped with the purchasing of the property she would have been a joint tenant. In a joint tenancy, when one joint tenant dies, their interest automatically accrues to the other joint tenant, irrespective of any disposition made in a will. survivorship takes precedence over testamentary dispositions ( Gold v Kemp(1834). however because all the facts of the case is not clear, example was there severance involved, where the husband might have been able to will his share to the children? That would still seem to leave her interest still intact. I think that she needs a good Land Lawyer to take on her case as there are several case law the would seems to support her should she wish to approach the courts.
    Bwoy met yuh have some dirty minded and ungrateful people out there and these are the worse. nuh feel nuh way a suh the majority a de English dem stan, dem selfish bad. this poor woman might have been impressed with dem britishness and dem accent and think seh them a somebody bout ” house should be perfect for them when dem come on vacation” nuff a dem nuh use to jack. Woman fight for what is legally yours. persons who co- habit for certain amount of years and are not married have rights to property muchless you who deh wid thisa man and married for over twenty years. good luck

  21. I’m a real estate agent in Jamaica, and I’m familiar with the eviction process. This lady needs to get legal advice pronto!!!. What the executor (based on instructions) has done, is illegal. He can’t just lock her out like that, first he has to give her a “Notice to quit” which expires in 30 days. Then if she is still there, he has to serve her a summons to attend Court. At the court hearing, the judge may or may not, grant her additional time to leave. Once she has been given a date to leave, by the court, if she is still occupying the premises after the date has passed, then the executor would have to go back to the court to have a bailiff evict her. I can tell you, this process can take up to six months.

  22. The husband died in 2013 so maybe they went through all those process already, but she wrote herself out of the will, what needs to be investigated is if she gave away the half of the property that was legally hers to these brats.

  23. those arent children they are ole gray back people who should have their own shit by now..How the f**k can these ole ass people a fight out dem father wife over dead left when the woman already left the house to them she just a live in there.. Those are some wicked f**ks somebody need fi bun dung the f**king house with them in it

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