UNO DRAW #$^^^&** NEAR

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  1. WWooooww!!! Mi nuh too dig dah pot ya but unnu see mi “inamel” ya. Full it to d brim while mi buss a crackaz. Dah gyal ya deadly.

  2. Stay strong khrissy. This is gonna hurt considering what happened with your son. I guess this bwoy has the remedy for turning a teef and a whore into a housewife.

  3. Hope he babysits this child with more care. Shamiele best tekka. Baby and ring within a year
    Hush Khrissy….please to move on.

  4. Well, I’ll be damn! If this is true, they didn’t wast anytime.Khrissy been having a hard time moving on, now this. Chrissy, girl, please don’t throw subs on Insta, or post half nakid pics to tell us you are single. Girl, you will be alright.

  5. Chrissy post earlier that she’s been cyber bully and she’s going to give a police report. She “know where the person live, and where the hoe work’. I wonder who could it be? :nerd

  6. i hope shameling whatever her name is has something going for SELF and not just depending on her dude. btw is the shit he sale authentic?

  7. The only time this bum post is when she has on some little cheap piece of labels. Girl, have several seats!! Don’t know her and can’t stand her manly looking ass. She not cute neither!! Ask them to post without the makeup and filters I bet these hoes don’t look the same. Lmao!

  8. Wow, shamille really breed fi this malnourished looking ninja and he’s not even loaded!!!.. Khrissy will be alright in due time. U caan neva get ova the death of a child but time will lessen the hurt..Every daag have dem day and every pus have dem 4oclock..

    1. He is extremely ugly… When he is dressed in brands…. it’s like wrapping shit in gift paper…..

  9. But wait if we all saying him a wide shamiele but it nuh better either. Yuh know u have worthless man just like how there’s worthless women too.
    They are just getting there apartment so all along where were they living?
    All those designers and dem just a find somewhere to live, next thing does he have papers never see him nor Priscilla taking trips not even domestic much less international.
    He’s a scammer and he’s not handsome at all.
    He has an Benjamin button face (old man face ), more like squidward from spongebob.
    Him crawny bad, shamiele yuh finally inna designer that was all you wanted just clothes n shoes very worthless
    You’re the definition of pretty dunce, yuh get a good mattress yet or a good dresser

  10. Unfair games play twice. I have lived long enough to know she took the crosses off of Krissy and took it on herself. What is meant to be is meant to be. That baby was written in the book of life just like krissy”s baby. I feel your pain krissy I know it hurts. This too shall pass and you will have the last laugh. The best revenge is success and complete forgiveness of yourself of him and also forgive her. God has a great husband in store for you.shamilee you think you winning? Lol!! we soon start write your story on pinkwall.

  11. Guys we do not know the dept of their relationship not this one . People free to move on if they are not happy . Kris might be hurting but life goes on . She probably dodge a billet . Who knows a man might be waiting for her if she just let it go

  12. He sell real and fake and sell for bobbette and Apple them they scam the stuff he sells them but to the reality or insta famous people . Him and Chrissy was living together still during the break up and he just got the place ! Shameless only with him for the bags and shoes plug and he kbfab use the old people credit card info to buy the stuff from him and they split the money . Khrissy can’t blame shameless he has always been a cheater from long time and shameless just going pick up the problems cause as hungry as he look him love wonder . Right now him all a talk to one girl who work a Macy’s Manhattan make up counter ! They belong together sometimes we have to let go and let god nawshawn soon will be in jail cause the Hermès bag him sell a thieving card buy it and the women find the bag online so you soon see the pull down . Tek sleep mark death and thief from thief god laugh

    1. i was wondering cause how is he selling top of the line designers for the low :cd :malu2 and what does she do for a living and i hope all this high sidn on insta she got her papers

  13. Krissy kn d guy wasnt happen with her, but she always use the death of the child to guilt him into staying

  14. Unnu confuse mi at times…why unnu keep pitying Krissy if this gay looking guy ain’t no good? Lawd how is she to move on when every move him and shamiele mek, yuh hear ‘poor Krissy’? Unnu need to leave the girl name alone now man, dem never married and even if they were, so what? People break up every hour, who Di raas is Krissy That the man shoulda stay if him don’t want to? And y’all keep bringing up Di woman’s deceased child, for what? What does that have to do with the man staying/leaving? Maybe the break up was just what was needed for them both to have closer on that chapter of their lives? if Krissy is finding it hard to move on, it’s not his fault.

  15. My Mechanic always tells me ……Stop worry bout the next woman!!!!

    I know see what he means, if i see a man i like – i will shoot my shot

    1. Good morning Goodie,

      The time u tek fi listen to ur Mechanic,u really ought to have used it listening to ur 1st grade teacher when the difference between know n NOW* was being explained.

      Anywayz shoot ur shot yes n work on ur jumpshot like lebron did ..oh n ur tenses too..meant *not means.

      Signed Grammar Police on duty
      To correct and serve.

  16. Anonymous 8:07 you are so right … they claim he ain’t no good but so pressed he’s with someone else … it’s like they’re trying to guilt him back to prissy … break ups can be hard but khrissy ain’t no child … move on and stop playing the victim … if they’re expecting I hope they don’t post until last trimester some ppl harbor too much wicked thoughts … there is a blessing in everything just wish the 3 the best !

  17. Poor Krissy what? Mi caan deal with the foolishness, if the death of the child is causing them so much pain, why are you guys so upset that they part ways. Isn’t that best for both parties, and if it’s not Shamilee ,it would be someone else, people marry and get divorced everyday, come on, it’s not the end of the world, some relationships are just toxic, it’s better to be separated than being in a situation where the love is already dead.

  18. Krissy mi nuh know yuh gal but nuh seh a word… mi crystal ball clear, a yuh a get di last laugh goods.. but mi see yah laugh too hawd suh tone it dung tuh di grung when di time come please.

  19. There are too many, “mi wi Tek a gyal man” Jezebels out there interfering with the natural course of people’s relationships. Although, I see it as blessing in disguise, who am I to tell someone to get over someone or something and in a specific period of time? Rebound relationships usually have a very short run anyway.

  20. @8:07 exactly!!!! why keep bring up the deceased child u hit it on the f**kin nose!! it makes no sense and keep calling the girl name talkin about she not over the little fella :cool i have not seen one post screaming she is not over him. so I’m confused. one fact i do know tho she is a kick ass makeup artist

  21. people are saying Poor Krissy cause she is a human being. He was a lying cheating whoring dawg to her but he was also the father of her child and they were also engaged. They lost a chid together and now he is having one with someone else not even a year after she and him leff. She must feel a way even though she is getting over him she not there yet. Word on the street is Krissy found about Shameless before they even broke up. Unuh just unfeeling and cold suck unuh mumma.

    1. Yes I heard they were together from last year summer and he got engaged to Krissy just late last year.

    2. i get it been their done that and its very hurtful however the saying goes you lose them how you get them :cendol

  22. He’s human as well, so wish everyone involved the best and stop the blame game… Only them really know what really happened …

  23. Oh Piss off Yardie…..

    Who takes these comments seriously!!!!!.

    But have a Great Weekend Sir

    1. :angel :2thumbup :ketupat …nuff respect but indeed Proper Grammar is critical in real life…but you’re spot on correct cuz this is the internet n we all can get our silly kicks from it!Have an even better weekend Anon!!

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