1. Wow this getting out off hand now . No joking matter Ninja & who so ever watch your back & stay clear off peach ‘ she’s in a woman scorned mode . Peach think off your beautiful daughters & grandchild” girl it’s not worth it praying for you to get help .

  2. Uhm Boss Lady? Deeva? def attn seeking and cry for help. She really need fi boss up, be a “diva” and let that go. All that hate and anger a hold her back while the man a live him life. How long she and the man left? This come een like some fatal attraction. This sticky bad!

    1. Boss up and diva? You have sense she needs a 72 hr hold evaluation and whatever weapon she have needs to be taken away, no penis on earth could be that special fi har a rage on so jeesum peesum. When people write on social media they fail to realize that it can be used against them in the court of law, get a grip woman or go committ yourself it’s sick to see her friends chiming in instead of calling the authorities.

  3. I’m sure there is someone who means her good that’s reading these messages, please take her to the nearest hospital. Where are her kids, her family, her co workers. Someone please help this lady. Where is Ninja to go report this. Ninja you will not be looked at as a PUNK, save your life go to the authorities.

  4. This woman testosterone level shot through the roof like a damn dude a old washed up hoodrat good luck to whoever she’s aiming her vengeance at

  5. F**k Peach, I felt some sympathy for her but this post just show the crazy bitch is just seeking attention. Why would any girl in NY call big fat stand bad Peach ah Texas bout dem man. The world clearly see she’s obsessed over Ninja and cah get a next man. Ah lie she ah tell, making up shit to look stupid on SM, anything for attention. If Ninja current woman was his side chick for half your relationship, why would any other woman feel threaten by you, you couldn’t even hold Ninja. Peach byee. Feel free to murk your damn self, since you don’t have nothing to live for. Your words not mines.

  6. And her followers need to tell her to gwey and stop entertaining her BS. They look stupid as hell too bout pray and glad she’s not in NY. Some of unnu fi stand up for something and stop entertaining the f**kery.

  7. Yikes…… black ppl should consider therapy and stop thinking it’s a bad thing.. Bcz dem mon deh nuh worth it…. whether they really called her or not. She need some real friends behind her and a good therapist.

  8. @spoon
    I agree, as someone stated before, therapy and antidepressants are not a bad idea. Sometimes we have some internal struggles that can’t be resolved on its own. I hope her love ones are paying attention because she need some mental help and support #praytoovercome

  9. My girl yuh claim seh yuh a DIVA, well act like one…..DIVA nuh have no need fe a run down man muchless one wah lef yuh how much donkey years ago. DIVA nuh lower dem standard and bawl fe man dat don’t want dem. My girl yuh won’t be the first nor de last a man lef fe a next gal, if all a we did tek it to heart like yuh no man wudden dem pon Eart yah. Leggo de man outta yuh head because him let yuh go long, long, long, long, long time, find something positive fe do an stop tink bout wicked tings wah yuh wah do to de man. Nobody don’t own anyone, people is not like piece a land, house or car where you can show papers say a you a de owner, not even if yuh married, de papers only show that the man is yuh husband and de woman is de wife. so Diva Peaches or watever yuh call yuhself, stop acting STUPID & DUMB. YUH HAVE LIFE,SO LIVE.

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