Broccoli ole stay bad marga wash up dawg Barbie Kemar do not want you him have him Oman showas weh brown and look better than you all the tummy tuck and batty yuh do it nah help you yuh bleach it nah help nothing not helping you stop mind and clothes showas man aid the scamming and lawsuit money and stop order credit card and phone at di the house for him and to use go and buy clothes for yuh child

22 thoughts on “UNO RESEMBLE THOUGH

  1. Come fight me Inna real life my fabulous pic yes my man wants me jealous is a disease come step to mi so mi can stomp unto out all mi nice clean so sick his dick don’t come behind fake page so mi can mash unto up dat mi say waste gal suck mi pussy lol but acs a which one scamming or acs lol unno a talk bout body go do unno pussy I go anywhere and unno can’t step up im killing yall bitches

  2. Showas stop it ray Charles kno a yuh sen in dis ting yah.

    [[[wash up dawg Barbie Kemar do not want you him have him Oman showas weh brown and look better than you.]]]]

    You coulda brown and nice like cream a young pussy a do it yuh a di wife but youngas a suck spit and swallow mek di old boy feel young, Yuh Zimi muma eze yuhself

  3. Barbie come outta di pack up apartment weh unno pack up like Vianna sausage before unno chubble and ah try compete wid ppl

  4. AMG that do hair that nickname showar you need to stop showing off in America and go and get your kids from Jamaica Bitch you you look stay real bad you need to stop do hair in your apartment and go look a shop because people that come to your house say it dirty.

  5. Barbie don’t have nuh shake kemar and him frend di in deh and your bredda tell him don’t fucking touch him bay tru him nuh mek nun because we know the truth bay seh something else and everything start back

  6. Pack the wull eep a bag dem weh deh pon the one bedroom floor bout immigration open up the big bed yuh have inna di room inna di box weh yuh have have instead of the 2 twin one dem yuh bredda and son deh pon dutty gyal Barbie aka ms floppy

  7. Talk about kemar seh big thanks giving your bredda war wid yuh and cuss yuh mumma and you inna di house him tell trini every bloodclaaat ting and him brown friend ah 46

  8. Swell throat gyal weh deh pon anti biotics abay kemar dun yuh tru yuh nuh put him picture dutty nasty gyal him seh a yuh madda and yuh bredda nuh mek yuh dance wid him ah di party him dun how yuh dash weh di belly fi him inna 2019 and ah yuh old mumma carry yuh In

  9. Barbie gwey Put in some cable inna ah yuh house a bare attenna inna di one bedroom and yuh pikney a play the game pon chair abay go and clean off the docking ring dem off a di kitchen fold up table put dem inna cover bout unno mek dutty fry roach fish

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