UNO SI DIS??????????

Hi Met,

In light of the lady’s carelessness that caused the 3yo to be so brutally raped and murdered,we as a society must be vigilant for all such careless mothers.Look at this one a pose off her dry up batty while the poor baby couldly a drown!


12 thoughts on “UNO SI DIS??????????

  1. The woman is not even pay attention to what she’s doing, I hope that baby didn’t drown… Some woman are so careless they shouldn’t even be blessed with a child.

  2. So di baby fi drown suh dem can show up dem shitty ass. Smaddy shoulda puck a switch and give her a real assin.

  3. LMAO Ketch di dancehall mumma with the pickney inna the dhutty water.

    Will never see a classy lady cock her ass up for photos. Fire Bunn di whole a dem.

  4. Your comment is IGNORANT and needs to be corrected !!
    ” her careless actions that lead to the brutal rape and murder of her baby ? ,” IS SHE WHO RAPE AND KILL D BABY ?
    – SHE IS GUILTY OF CHILD NEGLECT and perhaps short term abandon,ent and leaving the home, which of course is a crime…

    Sick human bugs such as this person who ” allegedly ” committed this rape, often fantasize about infants and toddlers for a very long time before they do the crime.

    If he really wanted that child, he could have chopped and murdered d parents same said way and take her.

    The mother was wrong, she is imprisoned and charged . I am sure she us grieving and shocked and have to live with that guilt for d rest of her life. So just ease up.

    By d way, d person taking this picture is just as guilty and posers .
    Careless dancehall mothers dey bout long long time… I sorry this one had to lose her PICKNEY fi dem to WAKE UP

  5. Met kerryann get lock up.she and the same girl Rochelle at it again.the same girl wey kerryann cal send dectective to her. Last month.Kerryann your wicked deeds turn right back on you.mi hear say kerryann friend dem nuh have but money fi post the these bitches act so rich and now dem a walk a borrow money to pay for bail.where is rich Apple ??? Apple go and bail yuh big friend. Kerryann will never learn. Kerryann immigration next ago pick u up. Stop trouble people remember you have no usa papers. Kerryann it looks like you mess with the wrong person this time. Met this girl kerryann always in mix up because she think she is the riches and baddest bitch in New York. But kerryann is really a punk and a broke wannabe girl. Kerryann you have 3 children act like it. Your children must tired of the cops arresting you.I feel bad for your children. Kerryann go get a job and be a role model to your are too dumb. Your baby father is already in prison and now you in jail and immigration may pick u up

  6. Met news flash news flash. Bronx news .big bad girl kerryann dey a jail a bawl her eyes out. Ugly Sally a bawl fi kerryann .ugly,gal Sally lend kerryann your green card sally. Kerryann step into ants nest now she a get bite up. Kerryann why u stab the girl a kill you want to kill her leave her 2 children?? Met I hear from good source that Kerryann stab Rochelle today and Rochelle lock her ass up. Prison not a bed of roses Kerryann now you know.look out for the big bad boys name( Ice ) home land security.

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