Riding on the fame of Voice winner Tessanne Chin, a number of Facebook
fan pages have turned up on the social media website, purporting to be
representing the singer. However, checks with her team revealed only
one legitimate page registered as Tessanne Chin.

The Tumbling Down singer’s official fan page is
https://www.facebook.com/Tessannechin, and has a following of 602,000
persons, says Sharon Burke of Solid Agency, one of the original
members of the management team that led Chin before she entered the
NBC reality television competition.

Responding to complaints by a number of persons who feel they are
being scammed, The Gleaner checked out a number of sites, including
one with more than 300,000 followers.

The page, which is selling Chinygoodaz T-shirts, as well as shirts
bearing the images of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine
and late actor Paul Walker for prices ranging from US$21 to $27,
responded to queries as if it were the singer or persons representing
her. The site also sells Tessanne Chin mugs.

However, Burke said she knew nothing about the page and seemed taken
aback when she learnt that not only Chin memorabilia were being sold,
but also goods claiming to be related to ‘The Voice’, such as ‘Voice’

Charity scam

Suggesting it was affiliated with charity work that Chin is also
involved in, the Facebook page stated: “We have more charity work
coming up, Shaggy and Friends January 4th with Shaggy and Ne-Yo.”

Burke has rebuffed this claim as well, stating that Chin’s charity
with her sister Tami Chynn is called ‘Angel of Love’. She also said
the page was not affiliated with the Shaggy and Friends show.

A fan of Tessanne Chin, who tried to order a t-shirt, but later found
out the quality of the products were inferior, told The Gleaner she
wrote to the page administrator stating: “I do not believe this is
Tessanne Chin’s page … and what you are doing is wrong.”

The response she got was, “Your wrong and your wright at the same time
we do sell ‘stuff’ here, iTunes link, do get the new single tumbling
down along with the beautiful t-shirts that will contribute all
proceeds to charity we are doing our best to make a change a positive
one your with it or not teamtessanne will be focused on inspiring
through actions unity and love!”

The fan wrote to The Gleaner complaining that the grammar alone was
enough to send up a red flag on the operation.

“I am quite disheartened, because it is obvious that unscrupulous
persons are out there using her success to cream money from us,” she

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  1. The gleaner got it wrong on the link. The real link is https://www.facebook.com/TessanneMusic . Thats the facebook verified page but still the admin of her page needs to really clean up the garbage that’s on the page because ever since she won i notice nothing but spam and scams on there. Sharon Burke needs to step up as a manager and do her job and report the fake pages to facebook and have a lawyer to go after the frauds.

  2. Everybody support her to push her to the top. So in true Jamaican fashion, everybody also wants to get a piece of the pie. Its not her management only should make all the money now.

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