Hey good afternoon everyone . My apologies for the delay in update but I wanted everything to settle and see if by any chance that young lady would resurface before posting … I don’t even know where to begin after the money was donated , that Monday or Tuesday I received a message from a lady who wanted to donate , when the lady made some checks she told me a few things about the young lady and that she was not in need . Among the things she stated , one of them was that she did ‘things’ for money and was problematic . I spoke to the young lady about what was said and she did say she ‘did things for money’.I have never in my life looked down on anyone for what they did with their own body and we decided that even though we heard that we would still help because one does not ‘do things’ for money as a teen if they are well off. We spoke and we decided that it was imperative that she finished school and not continue to do this . I spoke to her , encouraged her , told her not to LIE. Anyway , when the things were bought(November 3) I showed her and they were to be dropped off but the belt on the van broke and I really did not want to pay another person to go from Kingston to St Mary. The Saturday I spoke to her , someone met her and gave her some cash, Sunday I was busy and didn’t speak to her .. Monday I couldn’t find her page . A donor messaged me that she wanted to give her something but realized the page name changed and she was blocked .. I was blocked as well . I used my back up page to message the page, she changed up her typing and said the page was rented and she took back the page…………pretending to be someone else.. Throughout this I was in dialog with the donor that wanted her to go to school and told her what was going on because she was calling also and messaging and the phone was off and she was also blocked…We thought something was wrong and I decided to wait a few days and even though the van was fixed then , the driver couldnt go until after this Wednesday…She then told me to message a donor who met her that Monday and ask the donor to go to her district. God was awesome , the donor said she would wrap up a meeting then go. She went and asked her way around the district found the shop , the young lady was there and quickly tried to close the shop upon seeing the lady. The place where she told the lady she lived , she didnt live there , and her father has a car that she quickly closed the shop and went into. The lady managed to ask her about her page and if she blocked her she told her no she only disabled the page…this is after she pretended the page was returned……..and told the lady that I accused her of lying and she wasnt lying so she didnt want the assistance.. I did tell her all that the lady told us that she did of course but I wouldnt be able to accuse her of lying and I didnt live in the district nor did I know her …above all , she is a teen and I know many teens are not who they become as women so I always cut teens a little slack…We have the bed and all the above still in the van, I want to ask the donors what to do with the items . There is also a balance of 200usd ..

For the bed , there is a mother with Scleroderma who is still in hospital and doesnt have a bed to go home to, if the donors allow I would love to give her as she is seriously ill.

For the goods I would also ask if we can vet a single mother who is willing to show face name, circumstances etc and give her as a start up ..

The money we could use to feed a few people for the holidays


  1. She neva want anything..that’s why it’s so hard to help pple now a days ..the van broke down fi a reason seet unfold deh .. Mek she continue do things fi money cause a that life she love me love ..bye

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