21 thoughts on “USAIN BOLT ON NBC

  1. Very nice of him to want to build a clinic to ensure proper medicare is given to those in need. LOL Bolt chose HIS VACATION pictures wisely, it is as though he went to Bora Bora all by himself. :bingung

    1. Mi seh, no pics of the so called “first lady”. Usain seh no international knowings, only Mitzy, Lubica, Sam and others.

    1. There is an interview on Sports Illustrated Facebook where he was asked what he likes to do. One of the things he said he likes is to party.

  2. He ALWAYS comes across with this pandering/placating attitude especially to the USA.there was the middle of the interview stoppage to stand still clutching his heart for the American anthem.Anyone remember when he n yohan was playing n skylarking on the podium when the Jamaican anthem was being played?

    Now how can this be a slip of the tounge when everyone knows Medicare has zilch,jackshyt to do with Jamaica!!in fact IT only applies to Usa n guess where he is…cut out the disgusting kissass pitiful attitude because is dem fi a kiss up to u!kudos on the noticeable tone down on the twanging,my ears are eternally grateful!

    1. More time u fi bill man, how di man a kiss America ass..? Kmt obviously he meant medical care as in sports therapy….

  3. Good interview. Everyday isn’t a tear down day @yardielovdthug. Mi no like him but his interview was good. Big Up Usain

    1. Obviously the man meant medical care. He’s building a f**ng clinic . One thing about bolt nobody can deny HE IS PRO JAMAICA . Say what you want about his womanizing but his patriotism is unquestionable. Bolt is brand Jamaica all day. Got to love him for that

    2. Real talk u can type in the search engine on here n good luck in finding ONE time much less every day I tear dung bolt.Marie can tell u for the most part I’ve avoided bolt mania altogether.I know u will agree that if we are to keep it real,we must call things how we SEE them for better or worse,now that’s real talk!

      1. Sorry @RealTalk…but this is the first time since the bolt saga that yardie has made any comment on anything having to do with bolt…and secondly nothing he said was a lie!

  4. He still sounds Jamaican to these American ears. I think he adjusts his normal speech when he does American interviews otherwise we wouldn’t understand what he’s saying. Anyway he’s done several interviews since he’s been in the US yesterday and today. He said his fave vacation spot is Australia and he goes there every year. He also has a movie coming out in November called I Am Bolt.

  5. Usain gave an interview to People Magazine. He says he and Kasi just got serious but he is not thinking about marriage or children right now. He wants to make sure he finds the right person.

  6. I’m sorry am I missing something? Why all the hate I don’t get it!! He’s a young man doing what most young men do. It’s only we Jamaicans finding fault with him… Pop star’s Rock star’s Rappers, and other athletes they all live this kinda life in the fast lane. So for the life off me I don’t understand … Has he injured or killed anyone? come on we’ve seen really evil people come up on this this wall and even they don’t ignite so much hostility and resentment… Please please please someone tell me why? It’s only us judging and laughing at him and his relationships the rest of the world don’t care. All they see is that he’s one off the best athletes of owe era and the best to come out of Jamaica!! And I’m going by the amount of gold meddles won so it’s fact. Why are we so obsessed with who he’s f**g or how many. Many of us leaving these vile comments are living in the same circumstances as this girl. I’m sorry people I just can’t … I do think he has ADHD though . He’s a very busy boy like my son and a fare few black boys I’ve come across.

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