1. The way I see it Bob Marley a lead bolt as the legend n face of else will bolt surpass the gong?bolt u haffi get ur breeding game going yute!bruck them girls deh two by two,galang bolt.mek them know yardie sugarcane a the sweetest….dweet uthain…dweet fi ur country…breed them up! 🙂

  2. He had better be careful that he does not get set up either with an underage girl or a false rape allegation. And end up returning to his country in disgrace. Because I for one would not barl fe him, quite the opposite to be honest with you.

  3. Meanwhile Kasi on Twitter trying to act like it don’t bother her…. Btw wonder if she will be in rio to see her love retire in style. Such a big event , she should be there .

    1. She will soon have something to be bothered about..Mi dus waa Usain done di race dem before mi dash dis out…Kasi will meet har mate oo

          1. Otaaay good things comes to those who wait, from u seh u weeeak that mean seh it iz going to be a sto0rm around heerre!

          2. Mi sorry too met…….mi nuh knoi aguh survive til the race done……gi with a hint. Don’t leave us hanging

    2. In fairness, in this particular case there is no evidence to suggest that anything went on bar a star struck fan meeting her idol. Kaci must understand Bolt because she has lasted where others haven’t. Honestly, I can’t stand the roast breadfruit but if Kaci wants the ring and the commitment she well deserves it by standing by him. I will change my view of him when he gets down on one knee in the Maracana stadium,propose and give her a rock. Put Kaci in white people news and newspapers like what he did wid de white gyal. And stop the cooning around like a jackass and grinning dem rat bat teet.

      1. Jesus Christ met!!! Mi a fret n a nuh meeeee!!!

        Dwl I wonder if a the same Gyal weh mi hear him deh wid u a talk bout?!!

        How long mi affi wait?
        I weeaaaak

  4. I wonder if that is why he wasn’t at the opening ceremony last night? A wha kinda crisis a garn, yah? MET, gimme de labrish an tap tease! !!!!

  5. Ok met , waiting with a big cup of tea. Liked her before but she a get too hype now. Me see she keep posting about sept 03 , wondering where and what’s going to happen. Hmmmm

  6. #deading at roast breadfruit. Fi true tho Gabriella she deserve the ring. Am I the only one that notice that he keeps saying that he is not ready for marriage ? Kaci has some old posts where states that she cannot forgive infidelity, isn’t that why she broke up with her ex ? So , how her values change so ? Money ?

    1. Love or even money will mek many a we dash weh we morals. She’s probably saying that because he has mentioned that he isn’t ready for marriage and she desperately wants to be with him. Personally, if you find someone that loves and respects you then get on wid it. When legal adults are enjoying sometimes the life of a married person without committing to them it’s because they haven’t stopped looking and feel that there is better out there. Old people marrying their long term love is because of just that – they are now too old or de young gyal or bwoy weh dem used to chase a call dem granny and grandad.

    1. Needle guh sidung! :ngakak yuh mussy want piss mek u a walk up and down suh :ngakak wait till di man run man chaay

  7. Met lawd mi caan tek di suspense a choke mi, like wow. Jus whisper inna mi ears plz mi can keep secret.

    1. Me too. Won’t tell a soul. I bet de condom buss pan one a de groupie dem and she ketch de jackpot. I always knew his careless concubine lifestyle would ketch up wid him an dem rat bat teet. Poor Kaci. I don’t know her but I feel for her. I sniff heartbreak. That is what happens when you show man seh you love dem more dan you love you self. On a foolish note, I hope de baby madda is not white.

  8. Yardie i could agree with u on the breeding but memba seh anything Bob Marley catch dem time dem doctor could cure now a day’s him rooster night fall off b4 him leave Rio…

  9. Met , u a beat we bad. Gabriella I can’t wid u …. Wha u say ? Rat bat teet? Me a dead ! Well matey if him a run the money , gwaan thru !

  10. How you doing MET Inna MI wendy voice… u gwan dash it out 30 seconds after him win the race?….People all if he marries her she will have to deal with side chicks for the rest of her life…she has done just that knowingly or unknowingly..he will not change…Bolt knows within himself that it’s a money and status thing cause it sure ain’t looks and him look like him pipe very very small. Maybe that’s why he not taking none of them serious anymore. Who would want him if him neva rich and blessed with his talent?

  11. Mi like wah Yuh say marie… Him hood lilly fi true mi can sense it. Das why him love di white gal dem him fit right een wid di white man dem… Neva hear a gal talk bout him f**k yet. dem talk bout di ughly foot an dem talk bout di teeth but neva di hood…. I know he aiant no Dexter daps dats my man….

    1. yuh see yuh :ngakak Dexta can keep his weapon of mass destruction…but memba is a white girl did swallow dat.

      @MET thats why mi respect his talent and nothing else…low the girl then mek she find true happiness..she have fi rub ar foot gainst fi him bad foot as Latty said…get finga sex…and all dese tings….poor girl.

  12. True met, some a dem white girls bad no yaws . Even tho me well wan the tea , respect met fi wait till after the race

  13. I think he is more into voyeuristic sex than the actual act himself. He was seeing a girl from the UK London 2012 team. She did tark seh him good ina bed but I heard he dumped her because she did chat and he said he is fraid of English girls since that encounter. I think he insists on discretion with his concubines, why so few of them tark. Like others have said, he strikes me as having a little ashy buddy and definitely a one minute man.

    1. :ngakak Den nuh Bolt him name, him duh di ting quick. Mi nuh tink di buddy ashy doe..mi feel it shine like him farrid wid two likkle stand ah hair ah keep it warm :ngakak Gwaan thru Bolt ah yuh seh free enterprise.

  14. Pls I’m asking di moderator to wait until the Olympics finish. Memba seh a three races di big man have enuh. The nation ova suss rostah

    1. Whatever comes out, comes out. Met may have nothing to disclose as another source may beat her to it. I doubt it will affect his performance on the track and as long as Blake wins instead, I couldn’t care less. Usain is a dog and a whore. He needs to be accountable for his actions. It always embarrasses me the way our high profile men dog themselves out over wine and women when they get somewhere, boasting of their sexual prowess like dogs on heat. Look at the three black guys in the US team that were found to be visiting a brothel in Rio. Really, guys ? Is that all you’re good for? You can’t leave that filth for a few weeks? Ugh !

  15. @Gabriella your hatred for Bolt is very profound….why do you hate him with so much passion? Its his cock he’s free to fu$k whoever he wants!!!!! A lot of these young girls settle for anything just for hype and fame….so why hate Bolt when he’s just doing what those girls allow him to do.

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