Usain Bolt continued his party-fest in London last night, where he hit restaurant Nobu before partying at Libertine nightclub with a throng of girls.

The Olympic champion has definitely won the gold medal for partying since securing the triple, triple at the Rio Games and once again surrounded himself with a bevy of ladies as he hit the town on Wednesday for the third time this week.

The Jamaican sprinter headed to the swanky Mayfair restaurant with the three beauties, before hitting the club and then jumping in a taxi back to his hotel at 5am.

Usain Bolt ‘racked up £6k bar bill’ and ‘simulated sex’ on the dancefloor as he partied in London
The women, snapped in the back of a separate taxi to Bolt, made sure they dressed for the occasion in an array of figure-hugging outfits – no wonder the athlete had such a big smile on his face.

He’s been partying non-stop since securing his ninth Olympic gold medal at the Games last week, kicking off his 30th birthday celebrations early in Rio before skipping the closing ceremony to jet to London to continue his wild antics.


  1. Well well well….loooka here…Usain love par wid lawyer and doctors educated girls…..Samantha, Natasha and the other girl Renee works at a prestigious law firm and Tahira is a Doctor…..

    1. Professional image NOT! Buttho hoe image YES! Imagine how much calendars reset till dem down cum pon dem one anedda.

  2. Almost all if not all the olympians go back a dem yard what is keeping Usain in Europe? A Britain him run fah?

    1. Met i thought his ‘sister’ said he couldn’t wait to get back home to engage to Kasi. This is looking curiouser and curiouser each snap. Enjoy yourself yah Legend yo :tkp u’ve earned it. :tkp

    1. Are you suuuuuuuuuure? Because you are still here looking for something about him to read. Skip the topic man and let those still interested gwaan marvel at di 8th wonder of the world. Lightning Bolt Usain.

    2. Unda Yuh hole ah get boring…. Fly weh jancrow… wah Yuh pich yasso an a linga fah if it boring…..why Yuh dweet.

  3. I wonder the same thing why is he still out there touring the world or something I could understand him staying to party for his birthday but why haven’t he left for home and go relax finally… He living that high life with body guards like his the president or something that is getting to his head right now… Stay out the limelight you conqueror now time to go home and relax…

  4. Its getting so boring obvious that Usain and these girls are jus frenz..I’m sure there is a good reason why Kasi isn’t there and that’s between him and her..

    1. Yes there is he just does not her there simple show how much of a ‘girlfriend’ she is, all the major milestones so far she has not been included. Guess she not that important to him wouldn’t you say?

      1. i was thinking she just never have a visa. needed one for brazil and we know u need one for London. I cannt understand why she wasnt any of the places. The pinnacle of yuh man career and you miss everything?

  5. Leo men spiteful, he is neatly sending kasi a message, but she not leaving, cancer women, will stay till u run them over , very emotional and clingy, not 2 mention lie and good actors. Low self worth

    1. No flights for her but i sure hope that long walk to Panama did her some good…………

      Kasi if you reading please to find a Dexta Daps size man and ride out him r*ss till you figet Bolt name.

    1. Well she not that far advance where she can’t travel to London, if you guys going to continue push the rumour that she’s pregnant. He is a single man,fully loaded man, doing what single fully loaded men do party, have a good time and mark notches in his bed post. So the Kasi cheerleaders can get over it now. :2thumbup

  6. To me it looks like bolt don’t deh wid kasi. Let the man live he put our country on the map.. only single man act like this..Remember he’s not married so he can do wat he want

  7. Dem yah a him real good friends Leo’s are kind so him spending money is not the problem .. It s the emotional commitment him have with the others this make me think he’s single

  8. To me it looks like bolt don’t deh wid kasi. Let the man live he put our country on the map.. only single man act like this..Remember he’s not married so he can do wat he want

  9. Zika deh a london to….. why she wasnt there but was in panama…..the man proving a point yes…. stop force him to be a one woman man cause he is not trying to be.

  10. If my man go run an Mi neva get to go watch him run Mi know say him naw go caah wait fi when him dun him cum lay dung inna dis pussy…. Like kasi hole nuh comfatable nonetall. Fi har pussy juice nuh have Nyquil in deh poor ediot gal…

  11. From outside looking in and reading the different post obviously he is teaching her lesson. Everything he is doing is to hurt her, Kasi wants the image of being Bolts main woman, but what she did when his leg was injured and he couldn’t make the grand entrance she wanted made him realized that she cared more about the hype and perks than him. So he is destroying that girlfriend image that she craves so much. Kasi I know you not going to let Bolt go but the embarrassment that you are experiencing now I don’t think you want anyone know you and him still talking. You will have to keep the relationship under the table now.

  12. Every time me see smaddy write that stupid ass comment bout cancer women it urks me kmt! Please to individualize di ting bout cancer women dis n DAT.. Emotional yes but me ano 1 a dem stupid gal deh no know my worth.. Me deven gi ppl 2nd chances to rahtid much less bout clingy wid low self-esteem.. When u stupid u jus damn stupid to no come label all by their zodiac sign , natta ting no guhso

  13. Why is some jamaicans so sexually repressed di people dem outraged dat usain is out there having fun and enjoying women.

  14. Stop with the f***g cancer woman crop, I’m a cancerian and I get emotionally attach to no man. As them slip mi gone and all woman and man lie so wtf? I don’t tell petty lie I’m too blunt for the going and coming around shit, so if you’re gonna av a opinion about kasi then speak on her as a individual and knock off this zodiac crop. Ps u mussi mother woman in training kmt

  15. Lord jesus, Usain St Leo Bolt is a single man, free to come and go as he pleases. He celebrating a milestone Birthday plus his triple triple. Jesus wept man come on, leave the man to do him ting. Him no kill nobody or thief people money. Where all these cocky watchers come from is beyond me. If him want to stay in london mek him stay him not spending anyone money but his own. The ladies him parring wid are all over the age of consent. Some people a watch Usain and no know where fi dem man or woman deh or who dem a do it wid. Let him enjoy his youth cos he sure will never get it back. Most young Millionaires live like this when they have no Wife or children. From the groupie chronicles it stated he wears protection so he is being safe. Why are people so infatuated with his sex life is beyond me. Do you know where your husband or wife is?

  16. A guess you’re a part of the cocky watching team too because u deh yah a comment to… child bye an go watch your husband/man meck sure him not taking a page outta Bolt playbook.

  17. You know needleye101 me free to comment on this forum and I know exactly where my husband is he is resting in Dovecot cemetery thank you.

  18. Mi agree wid the comment up a top. Kasi, mi nuh sure if u come over here come read but u really f***d up if u were upset with Bolt cause he injured his leg cause a nuh fi him fault. Mi suspect say there is more to the story but if that was my man weh mi claim fi love, legendary athlete or garbage collector know say mi naah leave him side all when him tell me fi go out and have fun pon mi birthday. Hell no. Cake and liquor come inna the living room and candle blow out, party kip inna the bedroom, u cant be so selfish. memba dem dun a say a true him rich make u want him and u went ahead and proved them right. Rich or poorer, sickness and health a fi yuh man that and u fi treat him as such. Man a dawg but men do change. the right woman can tame the wildest man, look pon George Clooney. But u neva a gi him di right woman treatment so him buss ur balloon and made u the laughing stock of the entire world. All some Spanish and Portuguese comments deh under ur pics pon IG wid the ppl dem a dun yuh. U f**d up big time and now ur paying for it.

  19. @needleye101 the last time I checked this was a free forum where anyone has the right to their own opinion. As for my husband, I know exactly where he is 24 7 he is resting in Dovecot Cemetery. So bye Felicia to you too

  20. This is funny as f**k can one man be so dumb. No way would any of these women give him the time of day if he was even an average middle class dude like living in meadowbrook and a bank supervisor lol
    Lawyer, doctors and most of all LIGHT SKINNED women to his thing only. I have been in a club where a dark girl asked for his autograph and he said “No I am tired” but some light ones came up to him and I guess he felt energized instantly. Anyone can tell you that in clubs the man does not look on dark ppl like himself none at all.
    Oh yeah it seems he also has another type Campion College women because most of who he brought to party went to that school. Meanwhile Usain teeth and toes still need a sortout. Some gyal stomach strong.

    Smh@the stupid Jamaicans that were buying out what Jinx said, Jinx was not lying Usain is the ultimate poppyshow for the real uptown peeps. I would love one of the upt dem drain his last dollar.

  21. Memba sey ah most uno a bastard child.suh wah the big fuss muma m an pupa hve several pickney fi bffrnt man and woman

  22. Really!!! Some of these comments are CRAZY…. I want to believe that most of them are MEN commenting. No, they’re indeed female. That’s why men continue to go out cheat and disrespect their wives/girlfriends and feel proud because too many women are quick to applaud them. Offcourse a man will always be a man…. Not in this manner. This behavior is totally unacceptable because he went on a televise programme and claimed this young lady now behaving like he’s single…. (She would be the BITCH of all BITCHES if she was the one carry on in this manner) I don’t care where on the map he puts JA or how many medals he takes home it’s still not enough for him to disrespect her like this. He need to get his act together now or he’ll be sorry. The media will never remove all this from his file and if this is some of the things he wants his child/children to read about then clearly he’s stupid and classless. Yes he might not care what ppl wants to think or say today but later on he will.

    1. I totally agree. He may be spiting Kasi but he is also bringing down his own image also. Have fun but be discreet. It’s as if he is on a mission to destroy himself. And sadder still, that those Jamaican female friends are being touted as groupies and call girls when they are top professional women but media will only see what it wants to see.

    2. Lmao!!!! Poor you. No wonder man tek uno fi fool. Claim her where? Lol pathetic. Neva yet see a Black successful man inna di public eye reference fi him bonafide ooman weh him love, honor, and respect by no geographical location. Dem call dem name wid pride and dem happy fi tan next to di ooman whether dem deh a party or Mayor’s ball. He is SINGLE. Him legacy will remain intact just as Bob Marley and the others who had a happy Dick. Nuh bodda pray fi him downfall.

  23. Who knows some women are loyal till it kills them.May she so sure of herself that she feel like him need to get all that out him system so it’s ok with her because after all is said and done he going right back to her and him will settle down and give her her dream.Sje just probably expect him to deal with it that savage..Maybe he is testing her to see if she strong enough to accept him and his international cocky.smdh
    Just saying.Some women will settle for anything for the sake of money they will sell them soul.

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